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Thursday, August 11, 2011


every once in a while i punch my name into the porn blogs to see what, if anything they've picked up on me. some how i missed this cool shout out to me and colby keller. enjoy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


so, while checkin in on twitter to see what all the twitteratti are up to, i came across a fan who blogs about porn. its always awesome to meet a fan for the first time... in person and in cyberspace. his blog is gaypornfanatic. if you're a fan of gay porn, his blog is a must read. follow him on twitter here! but, before you do that, check out what he had to say about my gig with Men Over 30...


Thursday, February 17, 2011


one of the sexiest motha fuckahs on the planet, the one and only jasun mark, reviewed my raging stallion flick "rear deliveries" and my gig with out in public with cole streets... see what he had to say in his post real men take it in the ass. and i bet that beard feels really nice on his dick too! thanks jasun! i'd bottom for you any time... im in LA now, soooooo...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


hey gang. check out manhunt daily's review
of my gig with men over 30...

i have to warn you, some of the comments are
pretty harsh while others are so awesome.

remember, everyone is entitled to their opinion,
likes and dislikes. this is why i love
doing porn and all my fans!


Sunday, June 20, 2010


hey kids... check out what had to say about my latest flick!


*** Highly Recommended ***
"Jock Park" (D/G Mutual Media)


Matthew Ford, Bryan Slater, Chad Brock, Mike Dreyden, Colin Steele, David Chase, Charlie Shaye, Luke Piersol, Ty LeBouf, Spike

"Jock Park" is something of a throwback to the earlier days of Joe Gage's career, focusing less on plot as he has tended to do most recently and more on the guys themselves. The scenes are choppy, do not always follow typical porn conventions and swing between very brief and very long. It's Joe Gage doing masterful work and being quite clever.

The name "Jock Park" belongs to the Peaceable Lake Sports Rehabilitation Center, a moniker given to it by the people of a nearby town who see it populated with gorgeous men. Ambling through the woods one day are Bryan Slater and Spike, though not together. Bryan, a bony guy with a beard, takes a piss, and that's Spike's cue to join him. Spike may have aged over the course of his impressively long career, but his dick is still a marvel of gigantic beauty. Bryan's pissing really turns him on, so the two go to a nearby pool where Bryan fucks Spike on his back. Brian is intense, full of quiet unceasing thrust, getting his whole dick deep inside Spike. While Bryan fucks him, Spike jacks off with his one-of-a-kind two-fisted specials that sprays way over his head. Bryan's shot is also pretty good.

All of the men at Jock Park are there for sports injuries, but it's a lucky thing the place employs David Chase, the unseen narrator (in a time machine maneuver courtesy of Joe Gage) tells us. David, stocky and with a beard, has to check in all the new patients. He goes over Chad Brock's body very carefully, touching him, stripping him and even photographing this he-man with a Mohawk. The apparently insatiable Bryan Slater wants in on the action too and takes the camera from David. The three, pull their pants down, but keep their shirts on side by side. They are also joined by Mike Dreyden, a petite hottie in a wrestling singlet. Bryan and Mike have awesome piss arcs. Then they stand around beating off their very hard dicks. This is a very long section, but the four men all seem fine just watching the others. Eventually Chad helps David blast to end the scene.

Mike goes into the forest, still wearing that wrestling one-piece and comes across a man in a flannel shirt and jeans, whose face is never shown. Mike isn't interested in his face anyway, instead reaching for the uncut cock springing out of the jeans. When he sucks it, he does so with a great passion, using his twisting hand and even accepting a face-fuck. Because the other man is not seen, Mike gets to really dazzle here. He's rewarded with a cum shot to the tongue. He laps up every drop. In a split second, Mike is bent over, now being fucked by David Chase as Chad Brock looks on. In the glistening sun, they all look so ravishing. David is a fairly undemanding top, getting in and out easily enough, but without a whole lot of oomph. Top and bottom don't need a lot of time before cumming.

Down in the basement, Jock Park manager Matthew Ford, bearded and in a suit, gets a new shipment of porn from dealer Colin Steele. As they sit down to watch it, Bryan Slater slips downstairs. This guy just can't get enough! Matthew fingers a boner in his trousers, while goateed Colin does the same in his jeans. Since Bryan was allowed in, why not David Chase too? He's the fourth to grab a chair to watch the straight porn playing on a laptop. Matthew is the first one to yank his cock out, but Colin is right behind him. They jack really to the movie rather than to each other, but when Bryan and David also produce hard dicks, the attention switches more to each other. The camera gives each man long periods of close-up time as each self-pumps. They play with pre-cum as much as they can. Still wearing the top half of his suit, Matthew sits himself on Colin's dick and rides, all back to watching the porn more than each other. Colin fucks so well from below, pushing hard up into loud Matthew. Bryan is the first to cum, either from the porn or from Matthew's bouncing, and the others follow grandly.

You won't be surprised to find Bryan Slater back for the umpteenth time. Now he's reclining on a massage table for a massage, which he finally gets when David Chase puts down his Blackberry (yeah, I don't get that part either). David's massage is wonderfully sexual, almost ticklingly light as opposed to deep and harsh. David pauses to check his phone and then pulls off Bryan's jockstrap to massage his dick. He lovingly toys it into its full massive splendor, stopping only to, you guessed it, look at his phone. David had not thought to use his massage oil, so he drizzles it on Bryan 's dick and keeps going. But, Bryan wants to play too, so he has David take off his pants so he can blow him. David soon fits Bryan with a condom and sits down on Bryan's shaft, facing away. They don't fuck that long before David pulls off to cum on Bryan's abs.

Charlie Shaye and Ty LeBouf are definitely not patients at the rehab center. Charlie is first seen smoking a cigarette, standing ready to take a piss with his brother Ty. Ty, his handsome looks not hidden by a baseball cap, has a lot of pee to let go of. Goateed dark-haired Charlie has some as well. The brothers start staring at each other's growing dicks. Ty is mighty proud of his, understandably. Everything about him oozes sex. They obviously can't fuck each other, so it's lucky they have a Fleshlight. Charlie fits it on Ty's cock and Ty fucks it adorably. It gets him to cum. Charlie shoots a dripping load too. Not until they had both cum did they realize massive Luke Piersol was watching them.

Matthew ambles around the grounds of the center where he will no doubt come across Chad Brock standing up against a tree with Colin Steele blowing him. Colin gives the movie's best sucking, both because he has the best mouth and because he's having the most fun doing it. His deep-throats are amazing. It's filmed from far away and close-up, and both vantage points capture just how damn good he is. As expected, Matthew does find them and beats off, still wearing his suit, of course. He decides to join him and bends Colin over to get at his ass. Colin continues his magical sucking of Chad. Matthew fucks with confidence, having a fairly easy time of it since Colin's ass is so welcoming. Matthew's fuck pushes Colin way down Chad's throat. Matthew fucks Colin rather quickly and then cums on his back, almost falling backward in exhaustion.

Charlie and Ty let Luke join them. This bulky daddy immediately takes charge, asking either if they know what rimming is. They don't, so Luke bends Charlie over to show him. Charlie goes wild for it. He almost looks like it's being done to him for the first time. Of course, Luke is very good poking around Charlie's hairy ass with his tongue, so it's quality on top of a first time experience. Then it's Ty's turn to feel it. He's rolled in half and Luke continues to show off his flapping tongue the camera manages to come in so close it's like being there. Charlie doesn't want to be idle, so he fucks Luke while the latter stays licking at Ty's butthole. It's a pleasant fuck, but not very dynamic at times. There are times when it seems Luke wants to kiss Ty, who is now underneath him, but that doesn't happen. At times, it would be tough, because Charlie has some spastic moments of energy. Ty gets to fuck Luke as well, but for only a moment before Luke cums
and then the brothers shoot on him.

DVD features: Chapters; widescreen; trailers ("The Good, The Bad & The Nasty," "DickflixParty," "Dad Takes a Fishing Trip," "Closed Set Oral Report," "Dragon Cumblast," "The Best of Old Reliable, Volume 1," "Jonny's Place," "Big Blue in the Boiler Room," and "Whiplash"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).

*** Highly Recommended ***

Saturday, December 12, 2009


so im sitting here and decided to google myself to see what comes up. the first thing is usually a link to my blog and other stuff but sometimes i find things that catch me by surprise like reviews, other blogger's thoughts and photos, etc. tonight i found this review by adultDVDtalk. its a site that boasts "17,000 reviews by fans, and counting..." well... here's what joe shaver had to say about my scene in BAD CONDUCT with Kurt Weber aka Max Sinclair...

Bearded Mike Dreyden starts off scene two by working on some ceiling pipes. He soon abandons this to work on his own pipe. Scruffy Kurt Weber, who has been working on the freight elevator, sees the plumber jacking off and gets ideas of his own. Neither of these guys are paragons of facial beauty, but Kurt’s body and cock are definitely worthy of admiration. And how often do we see studs with hairy balls anymore? Kurt pushes that admirable cock through the slats of the elevator and Mike kneels to worship it. Kurt raises the elevator gate in order to give his devotee full access. Mike stops sucking the turgid flesh only to pound his own, and soon the floor is covered in his cum. Kurt ejaculates onto the still kneeling Mike.
He then takes Mike by the hand and leads him over to where he can rim him and insert his cock up Mike’s waiting ass. Mike’s cock stands to attention as Kurt’s cock pummels deep into his guts. After a bit, he turns Mike over to lay him onto the refuse barrel Mike has been leaning over so he can fuck him in the missionary position. As he drives into him in this position, Kurt spits repeatedly onto the riveted stud. (I really don’t see the erotic nature of spitting on someone. To me it’s not humiliating it’s simply insulting and demeaning and I find it a turn-off rather than the turn-on I assume it is meant to be. Hit them. Call them names. Even piss on them. But don’t spit.).
This doesn’t seem to offend Mike, however, as his dick explodes and flings a massive amount of cum all over his belly and chest. Kurt’s load is not nearly as copious but it flies far enough to land in the reclining Mike’s hair. If this is the way handymen spend themselves, no wonder jobs never get done.
im not "a paragon of facial beauty"? i guess. i am however rather handsome after inheriting the all the best qualities my GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, SICILIAN, JEWISH AND GREEK ancestors had to offer... NO? LOL!


Sunday, August 16, 2009


hey kids... from the guys who bring you the HARD CHOICE AWARDS... check out their review of my TITAN film "BAD CONDUCT".
A freight elevator and boiler room, or something like that, provide the next scenario. Mike Dreyden in the boiler room and Kurt Weber in the elevator are wielding wrenches, each oblivious to the other’s presence. When Mike’s work is done, he reaches for his cock. That’s when Kurt notices him, and reaches for his own cock. Soon Kurt decides to make his presence known, so his sticks his hardon through the slates of the elevator door. Mike sucks it. Apart from about a minute of rimming, Weber, who’s the top here, remains fairly detached, fucking Dreyden (this year’s Hard Choice Award winner for Best Chest) without a lot of enthusiasm. Dreyden seems to like it though, and his cumshots are scenic.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


hey kids... here's what CYBERSOCKET has to say about my scene with logan in rear deliveries...
Another couple that also end up getting down and dirty is Mike Dreyden and Logan McCree. In this scene Mike is unloading boxes and admiring a poster of Logan that comes to life when he touches it. Mike works the heavily tattooed man’s cock until it’s all wet and slippery from his saliva. After returning the favor, Logan eats Mike’s ass out and gets it nice and ready for his cock. He finally opens up the hole and pounds Mike doggie style as he holds on for dear life. Mike impales himself on Logan’s dick before the top flips him over one more time and Mike ends up covered in jizz.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Thanks for the reviews guys! YOU ROCK! ~MD

The third scene's a threeway between thick-cocked daddy Peter Axel, big-cocked Adam Faust , and tied-up bottom Mike Dreyden. After sucking on both men's cocks, Mike gets his ass pummeled by Peter and Adam before all the men jerk off their loads.

Hung and hairy men Wilfred Knight and Mike Dreyden cruise each other on the deck of the hotel, then quickly lock lips and grope each other's hefty packages. The clothes come off, followed by Wilfried nose-diving into his partner’s pits and an exchange of sloppy blowjobs. Wilfried sticks his tongue in Mike’s hairy pucker, and quickly stuffs his hard cock into the hirsute hole. Soon, the two blow thick wads all over their furry bodies.

Hairy bearded stud Mike Dreyden is unloading pallets when he notices a large poster of Logan McCree. As he starts stroking himself, his fantasy comes to life, and soon he has Logan's oversized cock in his mouth. Logan sucks on Mike as well, and as with the prior scene, the rimming is first rate; Logan really digs into Mike's hairy butt with his tongue! Logan then starts pounding Mike's ass with his cock, and Mike seems to enjoy every minute of the fuck and every inch of Logan!