Friday, December 30, 2011


how time flies! well folks, its that time once again for my year end review. i can't believe how much i have accomplished. and i did a lot too. more than i ever thought i would. the biggest accomplishment and adventure for me was my big move to the left coast... los angeles that is! its still with me, in me... the experience. i really do miss it.

how did i end up there for three months? well, last year at this time i was in a state of great flux... i think a lot of people were and still are. i was doing small free lance gigs here and there but i wanted a change, a fresh start but i had no clue what that was or how i was going to go about it. then i got the call. an opportunity to do something totally crazy and completely amazing and outside the five borough box. i offered a chance to be the new director of social media and events. a new position created for me by the editor of instigator magazine.

i thought about it for two weeks. what the fuck was i thinking?! LOS ANGELES?! ME??!! i went home to talk to my mom about it. as supportive as she could possibly be, i could tell she was scared at the notion that i would move so far away. my brother and sister were like "GO FOR IT"!!! but my brother is an UBER pragmatic and thought i should get serious and get some assurances. so after a week of discussions and a weekend of thinking it over, i decided to go for it and moved to los angles. while it was a great opportunity and i got to spend an amazing three and a half months on the west coast, the gig wasn't a fit for me, although LA was and like i said... i miss it a lot.

after moving back to new york, i focused my energy on gettin my own productions off the ground. i quickly realized that i had a mountain of other responsibilities that needed tending to, namely finding work and a place to live. so back to freelancing it was and i landed a temporary gig with lucas entertainment as the assistant production manager. i had thought that id finally made it. got the job id been wanting since my very first porn shoot... to be behind the camera as well as in front. but just like most summer romances, the gig ended. when the job ended i had to once again put my work on launching mike dreyden media on hold. i'll eventually come back to it, but for now im focusing on other things.


aside from counting the move west as one of the best things about my 2011, i would have to say the next best thing was winning the 2011 Grabby Award for Best Porn Star Blog! i couldn't believe it! i was feeling a little down after returning east. i was at my parent's visiting my mom for her birthday that weekend, thinking about what my next move would be. as i sat in the recliner, i was following the Grabby Award tweets. after about an hour i put my phone down because i was depressed at not being able to be there. and besides, i didnt think i was going to win the award. then, all of a sudden my phone blows up! tweets, texts, emails. im like "what the fuck"? and there it is, everyone who has my number, knows my email and follows me on twitter were shouting congratulations at my Grabby win.

speaking of awards... i was nominated for a Cybersocket Award for best porn star and best personality. the awards are next month in LA. being nominated for these awards is really an honor. and i honestly mean that. there are so many people in the adult industry so deserving of the honor but the recognition means far more to me. i guess its part vanity. i'll admit it.
two other best moments also porn related is getting to work with adam russo and bear films. adam and i met in san francisco in 2009 while shooting for a "jack ass" style website. there really wasn't any sex involved but we had a blast fuckin around pulling pranks on each other. we'd stayed in touch ever since and become very good, very close friends. adam was starting his own company as well although he was months ahead of me. our scene for his site was shot in my LA bedroom. 

this summer i was contacted by bear films and invited to shoot with them in province town. i'd planned on being there with aiden james workin with him on his tour. i had heard a lot of great things about them and they have some really hot and beefy men on the site. my scene partner, brace wilhold has the kind of eyes that make me melt and a cock as thick as my wrist. our scene is up. click here for the preview... let me know what you think.
and how could i forget shooting with Suite 703, Men Over 30 and Out in Public. getting to spend time in ft. lauderdale and miami just before moving west and surviving two back to back nyc blizzards was just what the doctor ordered. way too much fun!!!

i think the worst moment for me was coming to the realization that working at lucas entertainment was NOT what i had hoped it would be. having to walk away was a hard thing to do. working with Mr. Pam and Chris Crisco was great, dont get me wrong. they were the reason i ran to work every day.

PLANS FOR 2012...

after appearing as a guest star in the off-broadway comedy Little House on the Ferry, the bright lights and stage grabbed a hold of me by the nuts. i haven't felt like that since i was 23. so, i enrolled at the mirror repertory company for scene study classes. this wasn't by accident either. my good friend moe bertran who's been doing off-broadway shows for a number of years invited me to check out the repertory company. i audited the class and instantly fell in love. our coach/instructor/teacher is the legendary Sabra Jones. i almost shit my pants when she walked in the room.

i'll be taking a break from skin flicks for this year. but fear not, im not done with porn completely. not by a long shot. 2012 will be full of study, auditions and performances and getting back in shape.

may the new year bring you much joy and success! and remember to follow your dreams!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


1986 ~ 2011

 my heart is broken ~ my tears won't stop,
save a round of shots for me!