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5 Superior Techniques for Advanced Muscle Growth

1. Partial Reps:
do reps over only a partial range of motion - at the top, in the middle or at the bottom - of a movement. best options: power-rack bench press and smith-machine upright row.

2. Drop Sets:
after completing your reps in a heavy set, quickly strip an equal amount of weight from each side of the bar or select lighter dumbbells and continue repping until you fail. then strip off more weight to complete even more reps. best option: any selectorized machine, such as the let extension or leg curl, as well as cables and all dumbbell moves in which going from one weight to the next is seamless.

3. Negatives:
resist the downward motion of a very heavy weight. for example, on the barbell curl, use a weight that's 15-25% heavier than you can typically handle and fight the negative as you slowly lower the bar to the start position. have your partner assist with the positive portion of the rep. best options: smith-machine decline press and bench press.

4. Forced Reps:
have a training partner assist you with reps at the end of the set to help you work past initial failure. your training partner should help lift the bar with only the force necessary for you to keep moving and get past the sticking point, no more than that. best option: preacher curls and barbell curl. the best exercises for forced reps allow your workout partner the most leverage to help you through those post-failure reps.

5. Rest-Pause:
take brief rest periods during a set of a given exercise to squeeze out more reps. use a heavy weight you can lift 2-3 reps, rest up to 20 seconds, then try for another 2-3 reps. rest again briefly, then try for as many reps as you can handle and repeat once more. best option: plate-loaded leg press and T-bar row.

Source: Failing to Grow, by: Jimmy Pena, MS, CSCS
REPS Magazine ~ Winter 2010



i completely forgot to mention this! when word got out to the LA glitterati that i had moved to town, i was immediately hit up by the super sexy jeremy lucido to do an interview for his column in frontiers 4 men. check it out link here... page 22.

but this is not my first appearance in the LA version of NEXT. this weeks issue has an inset featuring my gig with OutInPublic. turns out that "Big Daddy Presents" is the line offering the first ever DVD version of their online public sexcapades and yours truly is on the cover along with cole streets. according to tony james and tuck manning who do the pron reviews, they're not huge fans of OIP, but they give props...
Must-See Scene: Take your pick, really. You've got two guys getting i ton during an open house, in a lifeguard tower, in a plant nursery (me and cole) and in a not-so-abandoned warehouse.

WE RATE! AWESOME! ive been looking for the PDF link but its not up yet, which is weird, but once i find it, i'll edit this post with the link



ok, so recently, mickey boardman over at papermag asked me if i'd like to do an interview for the magazine. i was like "are you shittin me... of course i would!" ~ check it out here!

i dont remember who introduced me to the magazine before... was it
pony? lady bird? fern? either way, i fell in love with it from day one! and now here i am in it's online pages! NOW THIS IS AN HONOR! and i simply adore mickey!

if memory serves, we met really briefly at VANDAM one night i was out and about hangin with
Lady Fag, Desi and this really HOT german boy who i ended up going home with and fucked me senseless! enjoy!


Monday, April 25, 2011


this recipe makes 1 serving

2 slices raisin bread
4 egg whites
3 tbsp low-fat milk
dash of cinnamon

directions: preheat a large skillet over medium heat. in a large shallow bowl, mix together the egg whites, milk and cinnamon. lightly dip the bread pieces in the mixture and place on skillet. brown each slice for about 3 - 4 minutes (flip about halfway through cooking time), and then serve. you may also try topping it with fresh fruits, yogurt or cottage cheese, or light maple syrup.

totals per serving
256 calories
18 g protein
38 g carbs
2 g fat

Source: Reps Magazine - Summer 2009, Issue 14
by: Laura Creavalle, IFBB Pro


Saturday, April 23, 2011


its finally here! my shoot with pantheon men and their line hot older men. shot over folsom week last september in san francisco, my scene partners were nick moretti and paul barbaro. two of the hottest men in the industry. our three way was intense and at one point so hot, the director and camera guy both had boners! a proud moment for all of us. plus its a good indication that you're doing an awesome job! check it out here and enjoy!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Which is better for a wider back?


Defense: Rows are great for building a wide, thick back. They hit all areas of the lats - as well as most other back muscles, such as the middle traps, rhomboids and teres major.

Prosecution: Wide-grip pulldowns, as well as pullups, are one of the best exercises for building wide lats due to the great stretch they place on them and the downward motion of the arms.

  • one study found that when trained lifters did wide-grip overhand pulldowns, they used more muscle fibers in the lats than when they used an underhand grip or a neutral grip on a V-bar.
  • a study from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto) directly compared lat muscle activity on wide-grip pulldowns to that on rows. when subjects did seated cable rows, muscle activity of the lats was more than 40% greater than when they did wide-grip pulldowns.

Rows appear to be a better exercise for stimulating more of the lat muscle fibers and , therefore, helping to build a bigger back.


Starting most of your back workouts with rows will help you place more overload on the lats (resulting in increased muscle size). Although the Canadian study used the seated cable row, we suggest that you use the barbell or dumbbell row at the beginning of your work outs when you are strongest and include other versions of rows later in the workout. You should also do a variety of pulldowns and/or pullups and, occasionally, start your back workouts with pulldowns or pullups. If you can't do more than 10 pullups, do them first in the workout (before you're fatigued), so that you'll wb able to complete an adequate number of reps for stimulating muscle growth.

Source: Jim Stoppani, PhD ~ FLEX Magazine February 2011


Monday, April 18, 2011


hey kids. the trendy award nominations are out and yours truly is nominated for "trendiest self promoter". you can click here to cast your vote for me. thank you trendy awards for the honor.

voting ends on may 27th so spread the word and cast your votes for your favorites!



this recipe makes 2 serving

1/2 medium onion, chopped
2 tsp. curry powder
1lb firm tofu, crumbled
1 bell pepper, chopped
2 -3 small baked potatoes, cubed
4 whole-wheat tortillas
12 oz. salsa
cooking spray

directions: preheat a small skillet over medium heat. lightly cover skillet with cooking spray, then add onions and saute until golden brown. add peppers, curry powder and continue sauteing until vegtables are soft. crumble tofu inot skillet and add copped potatoes, then stir. to assemble burritos: place 1/3 cup of the filling mixture in a whole-wheat tortilla, roll up and top with salsa. serve warm.

quick tip: if you dont have any leftover bake dpotatoes, use fresh potatoes and saute for approximately 10 minutes.

totals per serving:
406 calories
40 g protein
58 g carbs
12 g fat

Source: Reps Magazine - Summer 2009, Issue 14
by: Laura Creavalle, IFBB Pro


Wednesday, April 13, 2011



one supplement you may not have heard of or banked on to help burn off bodyfat is bilberry extract. researchers in japan fed mice a diet with or without bilberry extract. they reported in a 2010 issue of the Journal of Nutrition that the mice receiving the extract had lower levelsof blood glucose, higher insulin sensitivity and higher activity of an enzyme that breaks down fat.

the boost in insulin sensitivity not only means that bilberry extract enhances fat loss via keeping insulin levels stead and low, but it may also enhance muscle growth. the research team believes that the active ingredients in bilberries responsible for this are the antioxidants anthocyanins. try taking 50-200 mg of bilberry extract two or three times per day with meals to aid fat loss, as well as to enhance eye and heart health, and help to prevent certain cancers.

Source: Tabatha Elliott, PhD ~ FLEX Magazine February 2011


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


here are some behind the scenes pics from this past weekend's instigator magazine photo show up in san francisco. it was a crazy busy but we rocked it out! i am very grateful to get to work with some of the best men in this industry. true friends, artists, performers, GIVERS! CREATORS! brothers! enjoy!


Monday, April 11, 2011


this recipe makes 1 serving

8oz chicken breast

2oz whole-weat rotini (uncooked)

4oz snap peas

1/2 small onion, chopped

1 tsp lemon juice
1/8 cup basil leaves, thinly sliced

1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

salt & pepper to tast

directions: grill chicken (using an indoor or outdoor grill) for about 4-5 minutes per side. remove to plate and cut into cubes. cook pasta according to package instrucitons. add the snap peas to pasta two minutes before end cooking time. drain all water, less 1/4 cup. place pasta, peas and chicken in a serving bowl. add remaining water, onion, lemon juice, basil, olive oil, salt and pepper. toss and mix well.

totals per serving:

523 calories

46 g protein

57 g carbs

12 g fat

Source: MuscleMag ~ March 2011

by: Carlo Filippone, IFBB Pro


Thursday, April 7, 2011


no, im not in the kitchen with him. although it would kinda fuckin awesome for us to make some good-ole down home southern food along side kosher cuisine! we'd definitely need a rabbi for that one! bon appetite!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


have a few extra unsightly pounds on your midsection that stubbornly cover the six-pack you've been working so hard on? step up your cardio with high-intensity training. a study from the university of guelph (ontario) found fat loss to be improved 36% in just two weeks with short-duration, high-intensity bursts of exercise. intense interval training hits the fat stores because your body continues to burn calories and fuel after your training session is over. the after-burn effect isnt as high when you spend the same amount of time in the gym doing low-intensity cardio.


Source: Muscle Mag ~ March MMXI


hey kids. the other day i got a tweet from Metro Cock Sucker asking me if id consider doing an interview for his blog. of course i said yes! i never say no to any of my fans, well within reason that is! check out my interview here.

you are about to find out what my middle name is and what my confirmation name is. growing up catholic and jewish has been a mighty blessing for me. oh, and there are two vintage mike dreyden photos in the column. one is of me in front of my long missed house in
asbury park. remember to follow his blog too. its pretty hot!


Monday, April 4, 2011


in a perfect world, you wake up every morning and have a whey protein shake ASAP followed by a second breakfast of scrambled eggs and oatmeal an hour later. but lets face it, most mornings are anything but perfect - you dash out the door trying to beat traffic and your boss to the office.

just promise us you'll grab a whey shake to take with you to stop the muscle breakdown from the night before and we'll help we'll help you get in a convenient whole-food breakfast at starbucks while you have your eye-opening cup of java.

order the reduced fat turkey bacon with egg whites on and english muffin and you'll get a decent dose of protein and carbs, while keeping fat down. to double up on the protein, order two, but toss away the extra muffin and stack the eggs and bacon onto one. sure, we'd perfer they served up whole eggs, but remember, its not a perfect world and this will do on those less-than-perfect mornings.

item: reduced-fat turkey bacon with egg whites on english muffin

calories: 320

protein: 18 grams

carbs: 43 grams

fat: 7 grams

item: venti pike place roast with 2 tbsp whole milk

calories: 25 grams

protein: 2 grams

carbs: 1 gram

fat: 1 gram

Source: Jim Stoppani, PhD ~ FLEX Magazine February 2011



Aiden James "BEST SHOT" - Live on SiriusXM

Friday, April 1, 2011


my first priority after landing here in los angeles, aside from calling my mothah to let her know i got here ok, was to find myself a gym and pronto. i know me... if i didnt get that out of the way, i would have dragged my feet. so, i picked one of the LA fag rags to see what gyms were advertising and hit the road to check them out.

the first and only stop was to the gold's gym in hollywood. to put this into perspective for my NYC peeps, its has the David Barton vibe only a lot brighter and just as enormous. another thing that sold me the instant i walked in was there were porn stars, mainstream actors, dancers, men and women workin out side by side and just being them selves.

however, and i gotta be honest here and he's gonna blush A LOT, the number one reason i joined was so that i could get to see the guy who signed me up every day. ray is a brothuh from anothuh mothuh... im his jew bro fo sho! funny, down, down, down to earth cool like you wouldn't believe and drop dead muthuh fuckin sexy as all get out! you have to wear shads so your note blinded by his gleaming bright smile!

so, i asked ray...
MD: where are you from originally, where'd you grow up?

RS: south central LA of course!

MD: LOL! like in Crip's hood or Blood's hood?

RS: you aint right! but yeah, i lived in Crips territory. mind you i NEVER got involved in all'a'dat! you aint right mike! LOL!

MD: well, i had to ask! ok, so how long have you been workin here as a member adviser?

RS: oh man... it'll be a year on the 15th. wow, i can't believe how fast time flies!

MD: what advise would you give someone new to the gym/fitness environment?

RS: i would definitely say take it slow and learn how to use the equipment properly. the best way to do that is to take advantage of the free fitness assessment you get with a trainer when you sign up. then i'd say stick with the trainer to meet whatever goals you have or to help you set up and stick to your fitness goals.

MD: true dat! true dat! whats the one thing that gets you up and out of bed stupid excited to come to work every day?

RS: i love comin here. its not work really, its like hangin out with all the members all day long havin fun and meeting new people. the members keep me goin for sure!
so, there it is. the hottest metro-sexual man of color ive met here in LA! LOL! all jokes aside, ray's a smart and very talented guy. so if you are comin to LA and need a place to work out this gym is the place to be and ray's the guy to set you up! you can email him at if i fucked up his email, call him at 323.462.7012... tell him i sentchya!

1016 North Cole Avenue

Hollywood, CA. 90038