Saturday, June 25, 2011


at 1:05am this morning i got a forwarded text message from well known NYC nightlife impresario who is liked by some and pitied by others. im use to gettin these wild and many times inaccurate messages from him. im sure you got it too...
FWD: Eagle just got raided. Cop retaliation for Gay Marriage. Heading over to protest. And call and text NY1 and CNN. NY1 is on there way over!
this is my take on the situation. i highly doubt that the Eagle was raided because of marriage equality. if you know anything about the neighborhood where the Eagle is located, you know that the entire block has over the last seven years gone through a lot of changes mainly with the construction of luxury condominiums. on west 28th where the bar is, along with Scores and a number of other night clubs, three quarters of the north side of the block between 10th and 11th avenues is cleared and foundations are either started or about to begin. so, a raid by the NYPD, especially this weekend, PRIDE weekend is not so unusual. i cant tell you how many times over the last ten years word gets out that a bar, club or major party is closed down on one of the biggest money maker weekends this city has.

if it is true that the Eagle was raided and shut down last night, then it is because, in my opinion, because the bar is sitting right in the middle of PRIME real estate on a block that will undoubtedly transform over the summer and next year will find very wealthy residents planting roots.
to be honest, im more offended that anyone would say that the bar was raided over an issue that has nothing to do with how the city has changed in favor of the rich over the have nots.

stupid rumors like this really piss me off. i think before anyone sends out messages like this or makes such statements, one should have their facts in order! i mean, if the Eagle was shut down because of marriage equality, then why wasn't the Stonewall shut down as well? or any of the gay bars on Christopher Street, along eighth avenue in Chelsea or anywhere in the city?

im feelin really good to have been here when the news hit the wires. living in LA was wonderful but there were moments when i felt like i was missing out on all the amazing things happening here at home. ok, so hey! have an awesome PRIDE new york! i'll be out and about tomorrow at the parade/march, so if you see me, say hello! also, remember to stay hydrated, party responsibly and be safe!


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Neil said...

The Eagle was "inspected" last night. The bar was closed for a couple of hours. The good news is that it reopened after and was open tonight (Saturday) and was packed (I was there).

I'm pretty sure the raid had nothing to do with the vote on marriage equality. It would have been scheduled weeks in advance (several agencies were involved). However, it's very likely that doing it on the Friday before Pride was on purpose. The NYPD seems to target a gay bar for a raid every year just before Pride. This year it was the Eagle, which fortunately didn't have enough violations to warrant closing it. This pattern seems to indicate a form of harassment.

Sadly, you're right that the neighborhood the Eagle's in is gentrifying. I highly doubt the Eagle will be there in 3 years time (and probably less). Hopefully the owners will find a suitable new spot for the bar.