Monday, December 27, 2010


its that time of year again when i go over to my wall calendar, take it down and start flipping through the months looking at all the notes i made, gigs ive had and major events ive done. this year there weren't very many, however there were three events i was crazy happy to be a part of and they were all outside of new york city. the reason i love that is because i dont get many opportunities to get out of the city so when something incredible comes up, i get really excited.

the first one was my very first visit to los angeles for the 2010 cybersocket awards. it was a great time and unexpected trip. although i wasnt nominated for an award this year, i was tapped by the magazine to be a presenter. a great honor for sure. since i started out in the gay adult industry, i have had many, many successes whether in front or behind the camera thanks in part all of you, my friends and fans. and so far, this journey has put a spot light on the "Mike Dreyden" brand. not many independent performers get this chance so to be noticed by industry leaders is huge and im very grateful. this year i am nominated for best porn star. you still have time to vote for me. voting ends on friday. i will also be a presenter at the 2011 awards.

the second event was in falls village connecticut where i appeared at the nehirim gay jewish men's retreat at the isabella freedman jewish retreat center as a guest speaker to talk about my spiritual journey, being a porn star and my life growing up catholic and jewish. aside from being asked to participate in this event which meant so much to me and allowed me to study and learn more about judaism, it turned out that my fire side chat was the opening program. originally i thought it would be just me in a room with a handful of guys but when i discovered we were in the main lodge room and everyone, about 150 GAY jewish men of all ages filed in, very moving. there were many questions about porn of course. what goes on 'exactly' on set, do i get nervous, how did i get into porn. stuff like that. questions around how i balanced being gay and jewish with being openly sexual in such a big way. the take away i hope everyone got was that i use my religious identification to enrich my life, not dictate it. isn't that religion is all about?

the third trip and by far the MOST exciting was my appearance at HUSTLABALL LONDON! i have had a passport for just about a year before i got the call from rentboy asking me if i was free to appear. not one stamp, visa, nada! then, the next thing i know... "I" am the foreigner in another country in the old world. i mean, ive been to canada a bunch of times, barbados, st. croix, you know. but LONDON ENGLAND YO! it was funny... you're gonna love this part. ok, so we land at heathrow and we're making our way through customs. when we entered into the big room where you meet the customs agent and get your passport stamped there were these two lines. one was fucked up stupid long. the other line, not so much.

i thought, "why are those people on that long line when this one has like only ten people?" so like any pushy impatient new yorker, i went on the short line. when i get to the customs agent and hand him my passport, he looks at it, looks at me the points above his head to the sign that indicated it was the line for natives. foreigners... that would be me, had to "cue up over there". i was about to say "i ain't no foreigner" when i realized "hey mike, you are... for the next week and a half!" LMAO!

my foray into european porn came when UK based alphamale media contacted me to be in their production to be filmed while i was in london. we had been going back and forth for over a year on getting me in on one of their features. but the opportunity just wasnt there yet. once i was confirmed at a featured american performer at hustlaball, my phone rang and it was the head honcho at alphamale himself calling to invite me to be a part of the shoot and my co-star would be the spanish hunk aitor crash! nobody in their right mind could not do back flips on getting this gig. the only other times i got this excited was working with wilfried knight and logan mccree!


two of the worst moments for me this year was view bar closing over pride weekend thereby canceling our annual WOOFstock event. i had the biggest names in nyc gogo men and porn lined up for that friday, saturday and monday. the ads were everywhere. the buzz was fierce and everyone was excited and calling me to get on "the list". the list? what list? there wasnt a list. but you know what, when that happens, you know you got something fabulous on your hands. when the city marshals arrived and shut down the bar, i had to cancel all the dancers and call all the porn stars to let them know what happened. i did however make the best of the situation for them by making sure their hotel rooms were all paid for. it was the least the bar could do. im glad they came through on that.

the second was being attacked/mobbed by two very tall, muscular and very high individuals at this year's black party. during the back stage show, we were supposed to do little naughty/sexy vignettes and engage the crowd where ever possible. pull a hottie up on the stage and "play" with him, etc. well the problem with that was there was no buffer zone between the performers and the massive crowd who were all sexually charged. well, after one of my sets, i jumped off the stage on the side that was supposed to be just for performers, but the crowd back there over flowed so much that they took over a part of our rest area. these guys went WAY TO FAR! i had to literally fight them off with everything i had in me. i was seriously freaked out. i left the stage area and went to holding. once i calmed down i changed out of my costume and went home.

the best moment of the year was being asked to co-host this year's folsom street east event with pepper mint! the theme was all about new york city and they wanted two of the best representatives of the city to entertain everyone. my thing, being the brooklyn boy that i am was exactly that, i was representing everything gay and wonderful brooklyn has to offer. i know, i know, but let me tell you something... there may be pride in being a new yorker no matter what part of the city or state you live in. but, BROOKLYN is and has something so special and magical that you won't ever see, hear, smell or taste anywhere else. plus, i grew up a few blocks away from where barbara streisand did. so there!

the other great thing this year was getting to finally work with pantheon men. while i was in san francisco for folsom and gayvn awards, i was scheduled tentatively to shoot with falcon studios. i actually changed my plans and flew out a week earlier for the shoot the weekend before all the major events. that shoot fell through unfortunately. i was really bummed because so far ive done a shoot with every major studio except falcon. anyways... while i was checking emails, i remembered that i was supposed to check in with the gang over at pantheon and im glad i did. they were shooting folsom weekend and had an opening for me in a three-way scene. who doesn't love a three-way? plus it would be my second three-way scene since shooting my second movie 'house of leather' with butch bear. this project drops in january so keep an eye out for my announcement.

my work behind the camera this year happened over the summer with ray dragon and lucas entertainment. ray's tales from last summer, shot in fire island was lots of fun to do. not only was i production assistant, i appeared in two scenes. originally it was only supposed to be one but when one of the models had a car accident on his way to the pines, ray asked me if id be willing to do the scene with colby keller. of course i would! are you kidding... its colby keller yo!

for lucas, i appear in my first water sports flick, piss pigs with alessio romero and antonio biaggi. a total goof fest with us off camera, but down right hot nasty fun in front of the camera. i just realized THIS was my second three-way. but only alessio fucks me in it. does that count? i guess. LOL! i served as production manager/assistant on heat wave and sex addict and a couple of 'auditions' projects. oh, and i appear in a french documentary about the industry and michael. the crew from france were totally fucking hot!

PLANS FOR 2011...

so where do i go from here? what will 2011 hold for you favorite NYC porn cub? well... IM MOVING TO LOS ANGELES! thats right kids... you read that correctly. "what the fuck" right?! i cant belive it my self. what the fuck would this brooklyn boy do in a city 3000 miles away from everything and everyone he has ever known? here's the dealio. for a long time now i, along with so many of us, have been looking for work in an industry i love. for me thats porn and the production side of it. here in new york there arent many opportunties like this. and as hard as i have tried to get my own productions off the ground, its been a really tough fight. attainable, but tough.

so an incredible opportunity by way of instigator magazine came my way. the editor and chief of the magazine has, over the last couple of years, became not only a friend, but a mentor to me. well, back on the 14th, while i was on my way to an iverview for mike diamond's new tv show, my cell phone rang and it was thorn. it had been a few weeks since we talked and i owed him a phone call so i was surprised when i saw it was him calling. i was literally just thinking at that moment that i had to call him when i was done with the interview.

thorn was calling to check in on me and to catch me up on whats going on with the magazine, what my next article could be about and some staff changes. he talked more about that than anything else. i was wondering where he was going with it, i wasnt getting it. the he dropped the bomb... "dude, why dont you just come out here and help me run this"? being blown away is an understatment. he went on to say he needed someone to handle the operations side of the magazine and revamp their social networking presence and believes im the guy to make it happen. WOW! it took me a week or so to think things through. i spoke to my best friends, my brother, my mother, the people that mean the most to me obviously... its a big deal. everyone had their own opinion and concerns but the underlining sentiment was/is "GO FOR IT MIKE"! so i am.

i ship out on february first. im so fuckin scared, i gotta be honest! i mean, SHEEEEIIIIIT! its L. fuckin A. but really, i know lots of people there. my buddy wolf hudson left new york for san francisco years ago then last year he moved to LA and is loving it. im sure we'll connect and he'll show a bro the west coast ropes. another up side... i'll be closer to vegas and san francisco for shoots and gigs should they come up. i'll have other industry opportunities to work on and grow my own website as well. i'll be documenting my new adventures here and possibly some video from time to time so be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.

im planning a farewell party for friday, january 28th. keep an eye out for the invite and all the info on my facebook fan page.

there it is kids, friends and family. im embarking on a new life and new adventures. wish me luck. to all my NYC peeps, PLEASE, PLEASE keep in touch. i'll do the same. fuck, i just remembered something... i wont be having a decent bagel or pizza for a long time... oy vay! ;-p


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


last night at rock bar we had the super hot and sexy josh west swing by for some SCRUFFy fun. the weather here in new york is arctic and the snow was starting to come down delaying josh's arrival, but once he got to the bar the party really got started.

now, you should know that josh DOES NOT gogo dance but as favor to me, he got on the stage for a set that whooped up the boys to the point that some actually joined him. he loved it and they loved him. check out some of the highlights...

i would also like to thank raging stallion studios and instigator magazine for supplying us with items for the raffle. ~MD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DELUKA - "Cascade" Vel Records

incredible musicians, incredible people...
new friends made!


Saturday, December 4, 2010


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Thursday, December 2, 2010


the latest stats from CyberSocket dont look good for your favorite nyc porn cub. i need all my blog followers, all 3,501 facebook friends, all 4,792 facebook fans and all 1,930 twitter followers to log in right now to Cybersocket Web Awards page and VOTE for me for 'Best Porn Star'... voting ends soon, so spread the word and cast your vote! thanks everyone!