Monday, July 26, 2010


hey kids... here's another one for ya... yours truly and my new movie OUT WITH PORN STARS with UK studio Alphamale Media made the news desk over at GAY PORN TIMES with their new releases post. get your copy today!



hey kids. i just found out that i was named one of the top 40 amazing porn stars by cybersocket magazine! what an honor! thank you cybersocket! im truly honored!



ive entered the DOMINICFORD.COM reality contest SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK! im hoping to be selected to compete, cuz you all know... I KNOW HOW TO FUCK! wish me luck!


ABOUT SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK: 10 Contestants, 5 scenes, 20 different sets to choose from. The possibilities are endless. Matthew Rush hosts season one of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN FUCK. The show will air over a 5-7 week period on both and

The premise is simple. Each week, one contestant (one of the bottoms) will pull the name of a top from the "top hat." The two will then spin a wheel that has the names of all the cliche porn sets on it (jail cell, office, shower, gym, etc...). The pair will then have less than 2 minutes in the set to determine what their scene will be (who are they? why are they there? what's their dialogue? what positions will the do? etc...) Then we will film it.

Each week we air one episode. Voting will start at the beginning of the contest, and you can vote for your favorite porn star. You don't need to be a member of to vote, but member's votes will count more. The G-rated episodes will be on The X-Rated episodes will be for members only on

The winner will get a host of prizes, including national media exposure, gifts, a photo shoot and more! We will be announcing all the prizes soon. We are still getting all our sponsors lined up.


thanks for all the questions, notes and sassy comments on twitter and facebook about my recent trip to easton mountain. in conjunction with nehirim, we put together a week of spiritual and sexual exploration in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment. here are a few words from the easton mountain fan page on facebook...

Easton is the home to a spiritual community dedicated to transforming and healing the human soul. Our mission is to sponsor, develop and present workshops and other learning activities that promote wholeness, health, and peace.

there are those moments in your life where you have an experience that moves you to tears, joy, love, a gambit of emotions. being at easton will indeed move the emotions of anyone who spends time there, whether you camp it in a tent or go for one of the lodge rooms, you will be moved by the beauty of the mountains, the smell of the landscape after a rain fall and the sound of nature all around you.

there are many programs that are available for everyone who wants to take some time away from their every day lives to reconnect with yourself or de-stress or make new friends. so check out their website, join their fan page on facebook and become a member and donate. it doesn't take a lot to help.

im planning a couple of events in honor and to honor easton mountain and nehirim. so, keep an eye out for the announcements.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


my buddy sy, lead singer of naked highway asked me to be in their next video. well, its out and fucking incredible! so check it out here, then go to their website and download their latest album! enjoy.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


monday i popped in to the leather man to get fitted in the hottest leather gear ive ever had the pleasure of wearing. top of the line leather pants, shirt, sam brown, harness, boots, biker hat, gloves... all for a photo shoot done by the incredible peter lau for my latest instigator magazine article. you're gonna have to wait for the next issue to see me all geared up.

in the meantime, after the official shoot portion was over, peter and got to messing around and he shot these pics of me. i feel although i've put on about six pounds of muscle, i look a little chunkier in the pics. i dont know, you tell me. enjoy.



last night i hit the legendary stonewall inn, site of the riots that birthed the start of the lgbt revolution and fight for equal rights. we had a great time answering questions for the audience and hanging out with a lot of my friends and fellow porn stars. here are a couple of pics sure to tickle!


Mike and the Dreidellets

Austin Wild gets
Mike Dreyden's autograph

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


this shout out goes to cutie patootie ben heisler. ben is a blogger and works at nasty pig HQ on 20th street. i met ben for the fist time at IML this year while shopping at the NP booth. now everyone knows im a ravenous bottom when it comes to big burly muscle men, but ben brings out the dom in me. his smooth silky skin, disgustingly sweet and buttery smile and those puppy dog eyes... oy! i just wanna tie him up, bend him over and much on that bubble booty of his!

you can find ben at the shop daily, but in the meantime, check out his blog 'ben in leather land'... you'll love his take on BDSM and his adventures in leather land!

ps... he gave me the best foot massage ive ever had!