Saturday, February 27, 2010


is it me or what?! every time im tagged in someone's photo that "violates" the facebook terms of service, i get a notice saying the offending photo has been removed and an email threatening to delete my profile! WHAT THE FUCK ALREADY! how the fuck am i supposed to know which photo they're talking about if they remove it AND THEN tell you about it?! and besides... i haven't uploaded ANY photos in weeks since my camera broke while i was in los angeles! im so fucking over it!

and what about the individuals out there who for one reason or another doesn't care for you and decides they're gonna just click "report" all over your profile which immediately prompts facebook to suspend your profile with out notice?! why do we not have recourse or a way to contact an actual person to argue our case or even find out what the problem is?! or do we?
from facebook:

You uploaded a photo that violates our Terms of Use, and this photo has been removed. Facebook does not allow photos that attack an individual or group, or that contain nudity, drug use, violence, or other violations of the Terms of Use. These policies are designed to ensure Facebook remains a safe, secure and trusted environment for all users, including the many children who use the site. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page at

Friday, February 26, 2010


hey gang. i was asked by totally social media to talk about how i use social media and networking sites to market and promote my events and adult industry presence. a great honor. this lgbt social media marketing and management company assists in marketing and manage our online presence as well as drive traffic to our respective mediums. check out the interview and let me know what you think.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


we're down to the wire as voting for the co-host spot at this year's grabby awards ends on sunday the 28th. thank you all who have voted so far. if you have not voted yet, click here, enter your email, click the button next to my name then click "submit vote" and you're done.

wish me luck!


Saturday, February 20, 2010


many of you have read in my previous posts about my recent trouble with lubricants, especially the silicone based lines. its been an annoying few months this time around. well, im happy to say that my cock is finally back to its normal sexy self and ive been beating off every night since returning from my recent trip to los angeles last week. ive gone back to using my favorite lube too. more on that in a sec...

anyways, i had an email chat with my doctor about what's been going on and some simple advice for you guys having the same reaction i am...
Dr. Greene: What you're describing is chapped skin. Is it happening with water based lube or silicone based lube or both? The water based is easier, because it washes off better, the silicone takes longer to come off. Either way, I would recommend a low tech solution, a petroleum based jelly or ointment (vaseline petroleum jelly or aquaphor ointment) and slather it over your dick and butthole (a thin layer) before bed (NOT before using a condom) for 1-2 weeks. Be sure there isn't a layer of lube already on your dick/butt before using it or it won't work. Truthfully, I haven't heard of it this dramatically before, but it seems likely related to the lubes. Hope this helps

MD: well, it seems to happen MOSTLY from silicone based lubes so i stopped using them except for swiss navy which doesn't seem to bother as much. but recently i got a ton of travel sized mini packs by WET, all water based. im not having a reaction. i also switched lotions... i moisturize after every shower usually especially in the winter. i was using vaseline's moisture locking lotion. but while i was at my mom's over the holidays i forgot my lotion and used her aveeno daily moisturizing lotion with the green label and OMG the next day my cock was way better.

so the boys over at WET LUBE got wind of my plight and ask to meet with me. imagine that. they wanted to hear all about my experience with their silicone based line and share my feedback with the powers that be at the company. during the meeting with their marketing guy i was presented with a couple of samples of their two new silicone based lubes in the WET NATURALS line. one is Silky Supreme and Beautifully Bare. both are proported to be vitamin enriched, antioxidant and moisturizing. now, i haven't tried them yet because im honestly scared to. i mean, its so fuckin uncomfortable when i have a reaction plus ive got a couple of projects coming up and i have to be camera ready, ya know? but, i will try them out after shooting and let you guys know how it works out.

they also gave me this new anti-bacterial foaming toy wash thats supposed to help clean up silicone lubes not only from toys, but from sheets and pillows. you know how it stains and is impossible to get off or cleaned up. it works pretty good and smells nice. so if you've got silicone stains on your sheets, etc., you might wanna give this product a shot.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


i will be a guest speaker at the first annual NEHIRIM GAY JEWISH MEN'S RETREAT this march 5th through march 7th at the isabella freedman jewish retreat center in falls village connecticut. im pretty excited to share my journey growing up observing both jewish and catholic traditions in a multicultural and bi-religious family.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i just got word that voting ends sunday, february 28th for all we grabby co-host hopefuls. i want to take this moment to thank everyone who has voted for me so far. im super excited to have made it this far and look forward to making it to the stage in may. so, if you have not voted yet, click here :: vote for mike :: to cast your vote for me.

feel free to share the link with all your friends. the more votes i get obviously the better chance i'll have.

i mean, think about it, the best recipe for one REALLY hot and entertaining show i think consists of 1 hairless goyim, 1 out of his mind black guy, a big sexy tranny, a dash of 1 loud drag queen and a HOT furry jew from brooklyn! right?


Friday, February 12, 2010


Surfer’s Choice: Mobile Site

Surfer’s Choice: Massage Site

Surfer’s Choice: Porn Blog

Surfer’s Choice: Novelty Site

Surfer’s Choice: Amateur Video Site

Surfer’s Choice: Amateur Webcam Site

Surfer’s Choice: Asian-Theme Site

Surfer’s Choice: Black-Theme Site

Surfer’s Choice: Escort Site

Surfer’s Choice: European-Theme Site

Surfer’s Choice: Best Live Cam Site

Surfer’s Choice: Fetish Site

Surfer’s Choice: Free Site

Surfer’s Choice: Hookup Site

Surfer’s Choice: Latin Theme Site

Surfer’s Choice: Mega Site

Surfer’s Choice: New Site

Surfer’s Choice: Original Content

Surfer’s Choice: Original Theme Site

Surfer’s Choice: Reality Site

Surfer’s Choice: Personality
Wolf Hudson

Surfer’s Choice: Porn Star
Reese Rideout

Surfer’s Choice: Video Company

Surfer’s Choice: VOD Site

Surfer’s Choice: Voyeur Site

Surfer’s Choice: Movie of the Year
MEN OF ISRAEL (Lucas Entertainment)

Industry Choice:
Webmaster Community

Industry Choice:
Affiliate Program

Industry Choice:
Video Company (Channel 1 Releasing)

Industry Choice:
Billing Company

Industry Choice:
Alternative Billing Company

Industry Choice:
Hosting Company

Industry Choice:
Business Person of the Year
Miranda Leaver, co-founder,
Solstice Group Inc.

Industry Choice:
Industry Magazine
XBIZ World

Industry Choice: Live Cam

Industry Choice:
Content Provider

Industry Choice: White Label

Industry Choice:
Company of the Year

Free Speech Coalition
Award of Excellence

Thursday, February 11, 2010



Don’t be alone this Valentine’s Day. Giving chocolates and flowers won’t guarantee that you get a piece of tail. Give the gift that keeps them giving - Advice Diva Robbyne Kaamil’s Fuck Me Teddy Bear. Robbyne advises her readers that “A closed mouth never gets fed”. If you want your mouth filled with someone’s sweet meat you have to let them know you want it! Get your Fuck Me Teddy Bear today and let this cute little critter bring romance your way. $22.95 plus shipping and handling. 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


from his lips to grabby gods ears!

Mike Dreyden sure does know how to run a kick ass event and is fabuuuu lous on the mic. ~Will Clark


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


once again View Bar had yet another packed house since my appointment as host of their weekly Bear/Cub/Fur fest WOOF!. the festivities got so loud, we had the neighbors calling! now THATS when you know its a party! but of course living is such tight quarters here in new york city, we all are very mindful of our neighbors... especially on a school night. so, it is my honor and privilege to present to you the first MR. WOOF!



MR. WOOF! 2010