Monday, August 30, 2010


hey kids... im sorry to say that the event has been canceled. from what i understand, issues with the sponsor could not be worked out. an official statement is coming at some point today. as soon as i have it, i'll post it here.

i'd like to thank michael brandon for asking me to be a part of the cast and help to promote the event. its great fun working with you michael. your tireless efforts is greatly appreciated by all of us. you sees such value in us as individuals and in what we do and you know how to bring people together in a fun, loving and exciting way. something sorely missed sometimes. keep up the great work!

its a bummer for me seeing as ive never been to new orleans before. i was really looking forward to this gig and visit. like many other americans, new orleans holds an ever more special place in our hearts since katrina. i wanted to take this opportunity to see how the city is doing, how they're rebuilding and of course spend money there to help with their economy. MY GOD! the food alone would have set me back two years in my diet... TOTALLY!

im sure i'll get there eventually, but not this year. keep an eye out here and on facebook for all the updates in my appearance schedule.




keeprnla said...

Man, what a bummer. Sorry you won't make it down here to the Big Easy.

Haggis McBrylcreem said...