Thursday, December 31, 2009


i really never made a "new year resolution" before. but the boys over at muzophile asked me what mine would be for 2010. wow... 2010, just to say it is nuts. so i thought about what would i like to change for myself in the new year and beginning of a new decade? do you want to know? would you like to know what some of my friend's resolutions are too? CLICK HERE!

oh, and we're only 43 years away from Zefram Cochane's launch... just a reminder! ;-)


Sunday, December 27, 2009


i started out the year with a determination i have not had in a long time. it started in part with my first GayVN nomination (for best cum shot in my film House of Leather). why was this so important to me? it was only my second film and well, its the freakin oscars of the gay adult industry! plus i'd only done four movies by the time the nominations were announced. this validation fueled me to keep going. secondly, you... my fans. which by the way i still find really strange that I have FANs? I LOVE YOU ALL! and i mean that. your kind words, posts on facebook, and emails... all appreciated, welcomed, and i am grateful. you guys keep me going too. you want more DREYDEN, you're gonna get more DREYDEN!

in 2009 there were some projects that i was considered for that fell through and others that came through here in new york. i got pounded in 3D by spencer reed for dominic ford's studio, i worked with the legendary raymond dragon and joe gage which reminds me... less sitcom and more conversation... got it! and of course working with the every sassy and my step-daddy over at smoking hunks is always a joy! but the highlight for me was working with mr. pam as her production manager on the set of lucas entertainment's OBSESSION. THAT! THAT was my 2009. coming from a theater and film back ground, i lived for every moment of the shoot! i was up early and on a couple of days, the last to bed. coordinating with model arrival, script changes, set alterations, paperwork, craft services, lodging... EVERYTHING! LOVED IT ALL! but, watching pam's genius with the models and crew... priceless! i learned so much and the experience sparked that part of me that has been dormant for so long.

my appearances and events this past year... i have a feeling nyc is pretty sick of seeing my hairy ass! yes? NOT AT ALL! i've danced at some of the best events this town has to offer. as much as i have been trying to retire my jocks i simply CANT seem to say no when the phone rings! my favorite nyc nightlife events this year were the final HX Nightlife Awards and the 2009 Glammy Awards. my event, The OFFICIAL NYC GOGO IDOL Competition was nominated for Best New Event. we didnt get the award, but we certainly made an impression. the first two seasons of gogo idol made stars of two already popular gogo boys. an accomplishment im very proud of and could not have done it without my sisters Frankie C. and Ginger Snap. season three starts in 2010. check out for more.

winning the 2008 glammy award for gogo boy of the year was an insane surprise to me. i really did NOT think i was gonna get the award. all i really wanted to do was present an award. i really like doing that stuff. this year however, i was not nominated but had the honor of presenting and passing the GOGO torch to the new GOGO BOY OF THE YEAR! Matthew Camp is our 2009 boy. he could not make the event since he was shakin what his mamma gave him at another venue. i was disappointed, but i can totally relate... gotta make dat papah yo! Cherry Jubilee is the Queen of the Glammy! we love you doll!

BUT, the best appearance/gig i had this year was appearing at Rick Sinz's FORSAKEN party at the chicago jackhammer and being a presenter at the 2009 Grabby Awards along side my friends Tony Buff and Dean Flynn. this is also the weekend i came out... AS A JEW! i wore my kippah (yamika) to both events. at first i thought i shouldn't. i really didnt want to have conversations about it. i didnt want to fetishize my religion, and i certainly did not want to offend anyone. what actually happened was the opposite. when i took the stage at jackhammer for my last set, i wore my superstein "rock your star" shorts, and my white kippah. after a few minutes of dancing, the stage was stormed by eight of my jew'bros who were jumping up and down and throwing money at me. then they were all pointing at their heads, then giving me the thumbs up! they took their shirts off and danced at the foot of the stage the entire time i was on. steve cruz at one point said to me... "um, i didnt realize, you're jewish?" then i got him a couple shots of patron! MOZAL TOV BRO! ;-)

earlier that night at the awards i was all gussied up with my dressy kippah. the compliments i got because i did wear it were very meaningful to me. particularly with one individual who continues to steal my heart. there were some who were quite confused to see me wearing it. others were like "right on!" i am however quickly becoming known as Mike Dreidel... go ahead, yuck it up! its ok... i kinda like it, but dont get crazy! ;-p

so my friends... 2009 was fun. lots of change, evolution and personal discovery. thank you all for your support, friendship, kindness, cheers and jeers! what will 2010 bring? hmm... you're just gonna have to turn the page and see, or you can keep up with me here...

big hugs and big love!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009


over the past year ive discovered that i have a really fucked up reaction to like ALL of the lubricants ive always used... ID, WET, ASTROGLIDE, EROS, GUN OIL... what the fuck?! are they different now somehow?

to back track, when wet i think first offered their "platinum" brand, i thought i'd try it out. the next day my cock was all irritated and itchy. then two days after that my cock was puffy, dried up and flaking. i figured it was the silicone so i never used it again and went back to the plain wet light. when all this went down it reminded me how i would react to condoms lubricated with nonoxynol 9... what a fuckin joy that was!

i was wondering if am i the only one going through this. i asked a couple of friends if they were having any reaction to lube. their reaction was incredible. one was like "oh my god, YEAH MAN!" he's really fair skinned with a beautiful cock and fat head. he said he recently switched to GUN OIL because EVERYTHING he was using was irritating his cock like crazy... and like me he was experiencing redness, eczema like symptoms and puffiness! he went so far as to see his doctor who was like "i dont know what this is" and sent him to a specialist. so far he's loving the GUN OIL. i told him i tried GUN OIL and it sucked for me.

last night i had a meeting with my website designer and close friend and asked him about it. and again the reaction was like "you too"!? his experience was exactly the same but he recently switched to BOY BUTTER, one i haven't tried before. he said since switching his cock hasn't had any reaction, but there are different types and that i should read the labels before i choose one.

and it looks like we're not alone... more and more of us are having adverse reactions to whatever it is the lubricant companies are doing to their formulas. im gonna try to pick up some BOY BUTTER this week and see how that works. if that fucks me up too, then im gettin real ghetto and goin back to good ole vaseline!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


know what cool about facebook? when someone who sends you a friend request then when you meet in person, they say "hey, we're friends on facebook..." well, i got to meet one last night at WOOF!... alberto milazzo. OMFG! to say he's drop dead gorgeous in person is an understatement! spitting image of adam levine!

as we go to chatting, i could feel my nether regions start to tingle and my butt hole goin all audrey on me! sexy english accent, tall, beautiful... it was all i could do NOT to jump his bones right there on the gogo box! alberto mentioned he's been making it a point to say "hello" to every facebook friend he meets in person. so if some super sexy, drop dead hottie comes up to you... be nice, say hello, but HANDS OFF! I GOT DIBS!


check it ~ one nine boys

Sunday, December 20, 2009


hey y'all! i just got word from the super sexy staff over at MUZOPHILE BLOG... yours truly has made their TOP 20 MOST VIEWD ARTICLES of 2009 along with celebs like RuPaul, the Perry Twins (the super fuckin hot DJs), and my bros Tristan Jaxx and Steve Cruz. as far as the media goes, muzo, aside from trying to get all sorts of info out of me, has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since my foray in to the industry. and thank you guys for supporting their blog. covering everything from music, film and adult content, those boys work their fuckin butts off!


Saturday, December 19, 2009


this installment is a twofer!

"REALNESS", noun, not fake, genuine, true! this is how one describes these two most beautiful people! since meeting them over the past couple of years, i have not only seen their souls, i've reaffirmed my "realness" and i've learned so much about myself. i am creative, smart, sexy, sensual, loving, caring. i dont know how many times i'll fall into that space where i start questioning myself or wondering if im good enough, etc. then i'll see something these two puts out that reminds me.

first up... my friend and bro BUCK ANGLE! we met a couple of years ago and got to know him better when he was in town one week when i use to work at david barton gym. i was on the floor working out. i haven't seen him in a while now, but we keep in touch periodically via email and now on twitter. buck's new show, "bucking the system" is genius! each week he'll read an email from a fan and answer it. the best part of the vid is the sign language interpreter in a smaller screen signing in synch to what he's saying. that blew me away! you can write to him at

next up is my west coast papa, THORN... mr. editor-in-chief of the off the wall and in your fuckin face INSTIGATOR MAGAZINE! thorn and i spent some time over IML weekend just chatting about things. it was more like he was looking to see what makes mike dreyden tick. after about four hours of just hanging out, talking, bouncing ideas around my adoption was a done deal. his guidance and words of wisdom have helped me in a couple of tough situations and i will be eternally grateful. i think the reason i love the magazine so much is because its thought provoking, obscene, and sexy. it was an honor when he asked me to be a contributing writer. if you want to advertise in the magazine, be sure to ask for the MIKE DREYDEN package!


Friday, December 18, 2009


my friend and super sexy jew'bro jason littman (i totally blew my chance to him horizontal for a private mitzvah of our own!) has some updates for this weeks CHRISTMAS EVE JEWBELIEE!

So, the official Christmas Eve Jewbilee is a week away! I'm excited to be hosting the event this year and wanted to answer a few frequently asked questions I've been receiving:

Q) Where is the Jewbilee this year?
A) This year, the Christmas Eve Jewbilee will be held at the Hudson Terrace Rooftop Garden Loungeat 621 West 46th Street, between 11th & 12th Avenues (map). Please note the NEW location of this year's Jewbilee. We change every year to keep the location hot and exciting! Also, please note the $7 cover must be paid in cash, however, the bar accepts credit cards. There is an ATM inside the venue.

Q) Hudson Terrace Rooftop Garden!!! Does that mean OUTSIDE?
A) The Rooftop Garden was just winterized in November, so you'll feel as if you are indoors, with heat and all, but will have the coolness of feeling like you are outside. An outdoor patio will be available for those who smoke, so you'll never have to leave the party to hit a drag!

Q) I'm not Jewish, can I attend the Jewbilee? (Or, "I'm not cut, can I still come?")
A) Yes! I like to call you guys "Bagel Chasers" - get it? Anyway, non-Jews and all others are welcome to the Jewbilee. Perhaps a hot Jew will buy you a drink and apologize for, errr, doing what the Romans really did. Additionally, with almost a 1,000 attending last year's Jewbilee, Im sure there might be a Rabbi or two who will be more than happy to convert you on the spot. We won't even talk about the blood fetishists. :)

Q) Why do Jews party on Christmas Eve?
A) There really are no good movies to see and American television sucks (sans for Jersey Shore). Additionally, eating Chinese food is way too fattening for us gays, so we encourage Jewbilee attendees to liquid diet that evening and enjoy the 2-for-1 drink specials until 11pm.

Q) What else can we expect from the Jewbilee?
A) Well, there'll be cool giveaways to hot shows such as Circumcise Me, Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, and Zero Hour, as well as some giveaways from Boy Butter - so be sure to fill out a raffle form when you enter.. Also, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Cong. Beth Simchat Torah, the LGBT Synagogue in Manhattan.

Q) Wait, I do what many Jews do for Christmas and head to Florida.... what do I do?!
A) Luckily for you, Im happy to announce that we're partnering with some folks in Miami to offer a similar party in the Miami/FLL area. Click here for the Facebook invite to the Jewfest in Miami.

Q) I want to sign up to your mailing list, how do I do that?
A) Email or click here

Are there questions above that weren't answered? Email me at

See you on the 24th at Hudson Terrace!

Have a great last day of Chanukah!
Jayson Littman


welcome to my new SEXtion! "REWIND". here you will see follow up info and images on events i've done and appearances i've made. this first post features my appearance and joe oppedisano photo shoot at the the stone pony for RIDE!... THE VIDEO... courtesy of Brad Hurtado / Asbury Park Events!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


once a week or so i send out an email update to my closest friends in new york nightlife, the adult industry and some press to keep them up-to-date on what im doing. i just re-read it and realized its a pretty awesome email and you guys should get a gander. i edited two lines... creative license! HA! enjoy!!




our respective industries... nightlife and adult entertainment seems to me like a 24 hour a day job, NO? i mean, constant self promotion, co-promotions, conference calls, last minute txts asking to get on "the list", douching, lighting, appearances... what the f*ck was i thinking?! LOL! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! as im writing, David Bowie's FAME just started playing on the radio! how apropos! "IS IT ANY WONDER......"

im sure you know by now that i was tapped by the powers that be over at VIEW BAR to take the reins as host of their weekly monday night bear fest... WOOF!. (steve, thanks for the great words of wisdom. if we hadn't talked over dinner, i probably would not have said yes). anyways... last monday was my fourth week hosting and what a month it's been. attendance is up and everyone is having a great time! this past weekend, spencer reed and i shot a scene for Smoking Hunks. his appearance at WOOF! was the best in months according to quite a few patrons. next monday we have CHEVONNE appearing. she'll be singing her holiday hit MY MENORAH. ok, now that you're done laughing, check out her video! you'll love it. the line up going forward is gonna be awesome so if you're free, in town or whatever, you're always welcome to pop in! in the meantime, sign up to my facebook events page to keep track of all my current and future events.

MIKE DREYDEN'S BOOTY CALL at PADDLES... me and spencer... 12/30/09... live on stage at 11pm.

i will be attending the XBIZ awards and conference... im stoked for this trip because ive never been to LA before and im looking forward to catching up with friends i haven't seen since IML/GRABBY weekend.

im a proud jew and a proud catholic... an oxymoron? a contradiction in terms? who knows and i dont care, its just who i am and how i grew up in brooklyn. well i got an email from NEHIRIM asking if i would be a guest speaker at their first annual gay men's retreat in march. i'll be speaking about growing up observing both religions and traditions, my life as an entertainer and my adventures in adult industry. word is out already amongst the organization's members and, well, i will have to stay at an undisclosed location... for their protection, of course! ;-p

also in march, i will be guest judge of the first annual Mr. Rawhide competition. they're going all out for this. i think the winner will get to represent the bar at IML if not this year, then 2011. either way, this is awesome. RAWHIDE is the oldest leather/levi bar in new york city! its an honor!

another thing about march... its my birthday month... my FOREVER 40 EVENT is going to be HUUUUUGE! two of the biggest party and event planners on the planet are helping me put it togehter! we're talking a REAL red carpet event. you're all invited of course. when you get the email to RSVP, be sure to because you're NEVER GONNA FORGET THIS PARTY! so save the date... TUESDAY, MARCH 16, 2010.

me and jack mackenroth: WE'RE JUST FRIENDS!

me and jason ridge: PRIVACY PLEASE... NO COMMENT!

my HIV status: i tested last week, STILL negative. i know who's spreading this one.

my hygiene: look, i shower twice a day. i just DONT wear deodorant, im allergic. i use a crystal rock thingy... sometimes. can we all just get a grip!

speaking of david bowie... HEY DERYCK! about THE BOWIE BALL... congrats on an amazing event! i couldn't make it but from what i heard and all the pics ive been catchin... LOCA, YOU TUUUUUURNED IT! ~xxxoo


Sunday, December 13, 2009


what a great way to spend a cold rainy sunday... under hot studio lights and under one of the hottest fuckers around! i forget just how big spencer reed is... in stature and cock size! not that im a size queen or anything, im not. well, im actually a REVERSE size queen... anything more than 8 inches just isn't fun for me. im about decent girth. now, dont get me wrong, huge cocks (hey tommy!) are fun to play with and look at, but to ride one for a prolonged period of time... i swear i can feel my insides shifting around... SERIOUSLY!

spencer's FAT 8 incher is the perfect size and girth for yours truly. with that said, i had a little bit of a time when we got to the "action" portion of our show. our 3D gig went far smoother, but i think i had a hard time because i hooked up with this super hot and dirty buddy ive trying to nail down for a while and we finally got to it last thursday. see, after i enjoy my "at home lower body workout", my hole seems to snaps back to virginal status for a days. however, spencer is the consummate professional and worked my hole until it finally relaxed and opened wide! and dudes... WE BROKE FURNITURE!

im not completely happy with my performance this time around guys. i cant explain it, but i kinda didnt feel that energy i normally do when im shooting. maybe its because of the BAD insomnia the last few days, or the cigarette and cigar smoke on set, or maybe it was because we ate after we did stills, i dont know. i still cant figure it out. i know that im hard on myself when i feel things aren't working out right or how i "think" they should be going on my part, but the smokinghunks crew loved it! i guess thats all that matters, no?

on one of those rare occasions i managed to get some stuff for you guys to gander at... our scene will be up in a week or so. in the meantime, enjoy the pics and come on down tonight to VIEW BAR for WOOF! and meet spencer... he's our guest this week. a lucky few will win a signed copy of our 3D flick along with 3D glasses!



Chevonne to perform at WOOF!
featuring her holiday hit
My Menorah!

Monday, December 21st!

Saturday, December 12, 2009



more google surfing found me this little ditty on NEW YORK Q NEWS about my appearance at The Stone Pony last month. i gotta tell ya... if you missed this event, you really missed a great time.



so im sitting here and decided to google myself to see what comes up. the first thing is usually a link to my blog and other stuff but sometimes i find things that catch me by surprise like reviews, other blogger's thoughts and photos, etc. tonight i found this review by adultDVDtalk. its a site that boasts "17,000 reviews by fans, and counting..." well... here's what joe shaver had to say about my scene in BAD CONDUCT with Kurt Weber aka Max Sinclair...

Bearded Mike Dreyden starts off scene two by working on some ceiling pipes. He soon abandons this to work on his own pipe. Scruffy Kurt Weber, who has been working on the freight elevator, sees the plumber jacking off and gets ideas of his own. Neither of these guys are paragons of facial beauty, but Kurt’s body and cock are definitely worthy of admiration. And how often do we see studs with hairy balls anymore? Kurt pushes that admirable cock through the slats of the elevator and Mike kneels to worship it. Kurt raises the elevator gate in order to give his devotee full access. Mike stops sucking the turgid flesh only to pound his own, and soon the floor is covered in his cum. Kurt ejaculates onto the still kneeling Mike.
He then takes Mike by the hand and leads him over to where he can rim him and insert his cock up Mike’s waiting ass. Mike’s cock stands to attention as Kurt’s cock pummels deep into his guts. After a bit, he turns Mike over to lay him onto the refuse barrel Mike has been leaning over so he can fuck him in the missionary position. As he drives into him in this position, Kurt spits repeatedly onto the riveted stud. (I really don’t see the erotic nature of spitting on someone. To me it’s not humiliating it’s simply insulting and demeaning and I find it a turn-off rather than the turn-on I assume it is meant to be. Hit them. Call them names. Even piss on them. But don’t spit.).
This doesn’t seem to offend Mike, however, as his dick explodes and flings a massive amount of cum all over his belly and chest. Kurt’s load is not nearly as copious but it flies far enough to land in the reclining Mike’s hair. If this is the way handymen spend themselves, no wonder jobs never get done.
im not "a paragon of facial beauty"? i guess. i am however rather handsome after inheriting the all the best qualities my GERMAN, FRENCH, SPANISH, SICILIAN, JEWISH AND GREEK ancestors had to offer... NO? LOL!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


all this crap about tiger woods and his family??? OMG! I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! for a little over a week now its all over CNN, 1010wins, everywhere! ITS NOT FUCKIN NEWS PEOPLE! you know what is?! here:

the kid in the UK who painted a giant cock on the roof of his parent's 1.6 million mansion... before he left for school. its only visible from the air obviously and they JUST discovered it! they did say their son would be removing it when he returns from studying abroad... next year! now thats not only news, its fall down funny!

human rights in uganda and anti-gay violence all over the world.

follow up with jorge steve's murder and what the fuck is going on in puerto rico?

the fact that our elected leaders in albany are haven't got a fucking clue!

ok... rant over... time for the gym.



yep, i totally am a half breed. half this. half that. half catholic, half jewish and 100% PROUD of who i am and where i come from. if you're wondering where this is coming from, well... apparently i pissed off a few of my fellow jews on my facebook fan page when i posted this pic of a pendant saying "mike dreyden celebrates both holidays". my sister... came-a-runnin, takin off her earrings and pullin out the travel size vaseline from her pocket! bless her heart!

i cant wait for mine to arrive!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


im so behind on this and other posts. a fact i was recently reminded of by dan, a fan who came out to the stone pony last saturday to see me, junior stellano and torez at the RIDE event. here i was, minding my own business dancin all sexy like on the box when dan comes over, puts a dollar in my jock and says "hey, you haven't posted anything on your blog in a while... whats up with that"? you see, dan apparently reads my blog "EVERY DAY" i grab dan by the head, give a big kiss on the side of his face and said thanks. i know my blog gets lots of hits from all over the planet (i love google analytics), but this was the first time anyone told me that they read it every day! so now the pressure is on! what the fuck am i gonna write about "every day" to entertain my faithful daily readers? like i dont have anything else to do?! LOL! all jokes aside, im NOT one to divulge private matters but i want you boys to know what ive been going through over the last few months.

first up, my break up with jack. totally out of left field! i wasnt expecting this to happen after only a year and four months of dating and living together for eight months during. what you should know is that jack and i are still very close and will always be friends. our separation came about because we discovered that we were moving in different directions. he'll always be my mozart! so now im living on my own again. id thought about moving back to brooklyn where i grew up, but its crazy expensive now. you'd think that with the way the economy is now that rents would come down far more than they have, but no. but the good news is i found a great little spot right in the heart of Hell's Kitchen or as some would say NoChe (North Chelsea)!

so, on november 28th, as i mentioned, i appeared at the STONE PONY for RIDE which was part of the Santa Saturday weekend in Asbury Park, the annual fundraiser for the Bucks County Motorcycle Association. word on the road is their usual location for the gathering in new hope pennsylvania was sold when the owner passed away. turns out that the new owners either resold the bar or hired someone to run it as a gay bar, or something to that effect. im just happy its still there. so, long story short, BMC held their party at the Paradise Club at the Empress Hotel. and what a sight to see. lots of bikes parked along the road, hot men in leather everywhere and everyone having a great time. me? well lets just say i was frozen solid while handing out flyers to my event.

after a couple of hours out there in the cold i simply couldn't take it any more, so i decided to head over to the pony to see what Joe Oppedisano was doing for the set up of the instillation. aside from us dancing on the gogo box, part of the night included a live photo shoot by joe as a performance art piece. as i approached the stage door there were some guys bringing in lots of equipment. when i walked through the doors i literally froze but not because of the temperature. i could feel essence of every single musician who every performed there. the stage is HUGE! the autographed guitars hanging on the wall... good god! it was like that scene in west side story when tony and maria first see each other at the dance. the noise and people in the room quieted down and seemed to fade from my awareness and all there was was me and the guitars. and the photos! and there was little ole me. the rocker wanna-be since i was a tiny spermazoind. this is gonna sound pretty silly to some of you, but my eyes teared up from the shear joy of standing in the PONY and the fact that i have TOTALLY let my love of guitar and practice fall by the wayside.

so, here i was just mesmerized by it all when joe slapped the back of my head! bitch! he showed me around so i was familiar with what was going on, what was to happen at show time and where we were set up to change between gogo sets and the shoot. i pulled out my camera, ready to get some great candid shots but thanks to standing out in the cold earlier, the battery was about to die. i got a few that are cool and all, but i was AGAIN without a way to document it all. my NIKON COOLPIX doesn't take normal batteries. it comes with a rechargeable and yes, i didnt bring the recharger. i didnt think id need it. i charged up the night before! ugh!

its show time and im on the box in my sexiest yellow. joe's is shooting on stage with torez, men are flowing in with expressions of confusion on their faces. its a perk of the gogo box really... you're elevated enough to see everyone and everything they're doing... to some extent. they really didn't know what to think at first but it was pretty easy to catch on. the lights and music helped narrate the performance. asbury's own DJ MEATNMORE turned it the fuck out by the way. one of the things i love most is a HOT, MUSCLY RUGGED DJ!

so between shooting one subject, the next model is cued and would go up on stage to where all the costumes are hanging. we were to go through the rack, look at everything like we were shopping by taking an item off the rack, holding it up and examine it. i started with the wrestling singlets. joe yells from the set area "NO!" then points to the left of where im standing... its the boxing costume for mikie dreyden. i go over to it and gesture like "you mean this?" and he's like "yeah!". then it happened. APPLAUSE! i turn toward the the crowd... the foot of the stage is packed with guys snapping pics with their camera phones. i hold up the boxing gloves and shorts like im asking them "you want this?!" and they roar! i turn away to start changing into the costume. i give the audience a little butt shot as i bend over and put on the boxing trunks. i was a little turned on and tenting the shorts! LOL! the shoot was amazing. joe pulled out his makeup kit and painted a black eye on me. it was fuckin awesome! i looked messed up and the pics blew me away as he showed me what they looked like after each set.

joe directed me most of the time for angles and fighting positions he wanted. throwing punches, blocking, shadow boxing... yes, i can do that! close ups, wide shots, you name it! then he let me play around a bit. i pulled on the shorts showing some skin, ass and went raunchy! it was insane! i could hear him over the music... YEAH! YEAH! FUCKIN HOT! MORE, MORE! SHOM ME YOUR HOLE! ARCH YOUR BACK! YEAH! i was so into it and so was the audience. im really happy they liked it.

now, im still waiting to see the final product. there was so many photos taken that weekend he's more than likely still editing. once i get them i'll have something to show you guys. in the meantime, here are pics by brad. ENJOY!