Monday, November 30, 2009


ok, so the boys over at fleshjack got word that my november stage show at paddles was about my dildo and my fleshjack and asked me for some pics. of course i sent them some hot images of me workin my cock to explosion with all the remnants. check out thedailyjack incase you missed the show!


Monday, November 23, 2009


my parties and events have been growing so fast thanks to you guys. i seriously can't keep up with you guys, but im grateful you're all enjoying yourselves. i've created a facebook events group for you to join and keep track of my gigs so sign up today. in the meantime, here's whats going on this week...

Monday, November 23rd ~ 8pm - 2am

Wednesday, November 25th ~ 8pm - 3am

Saturday, November 28th ~ 9pm - 2am


Sunday, November 22, 2009


i am amazed by so many things today. im amazed by the organizers of today's vigil for jorge. the fact that this vigil was held in nineteen other cities around the country, and by how many people came out this evening. to hear the reports that DID NOT make the national news bureaus was shocking! but word about jorge's murder reached the world by another young man who had heard about it on a local puerto rican news broadcast. his emotions and thoughts moved him to action because there was NO coverage of the incident. so, he sat in front of his computer and started writing to every news blog he could find to get the word out. im trying to remember his name, but i can seem to. im gonna look for a copy of his letter that was read at the vigil. its so moving!

ok, so... i arrived at the vigil just after five o'clock. it was pretty quiet as i approached the pier and i thought maybe i was wrong about the location but once i crossed the boulevard i could see a large group of people at the beginning of the pier and masses of people coming from all directions. behind me, from the south and from the north. my eyes started to water. the first few faces i saw of people i know were a.b. lugo, charlie and barbara good. as we chatted i noticed blogger legend Joe-By-God walking toward the front of the gathering. and what a gathering it was. city council woman christine quinn who i absolutely adore! members of the city council, fashion celebrity and project runway stars, my sistah emanuel xavier, rob vassilarakis aka simply rob, max scott, dj chauncy d. and a host of others in lgbtq community services and resources. mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers... so many came. i have some great video coverage that will be up on youtube shortly and pics can bee seen here!

now... here's what you can do... email the governor of puerto rico, honorable luis g. fortuno and encourage him to make a public statement condemning this violence and ensure that local law enforcement FULLY investigates the possibility that the indivdual responsible for this crime be charged with committing a HATE-CRIME! governor fortuno's phone number is 787.721.7000. you can also reach the senate president at 787.725.2424 x 3003, 3004, 3031. email:

then, when you're done with that, get in touch with the following organizations to see how you can help there. whether its by donating money or your time... DO SOMETHING!


24hr bilingual hotline
212.714.1141 ~
(is there an avp in your city?)

212.629.3322 ~

212.620.7310 ~

303.830.7400 ~

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Where to begin? When i read the report that Jorge was torn limb from limb including decapitation, my blood ran cold. I didn't know Jorge Steven lopez Mercado but his story could be ours. I find myself thinking of his family but more specifically his mom. Her tears. Her anger.

If you are as outraged as I am, then join me on Sunday, November 22nd at the Christopher Street Piers at 5pm for a rally for justice for Jorge! I understand this is a national rally with similar rallies taking place in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and South Florida. ~MD

Friday, November 13, 2009


so the fleshbot awards were held here in my back yard but for the life of me i couldn't figure out where it was being held and my emails to lux at fleshbot asking for info and a possible spot to be a presenter went unanswered. im totally bummed out on this one kids! however, i discovered just now that it was at THE BOX which is a pretty hot spot in the lower east side! LEVI JOHNSTON apparently had all the media's attention. UGH! check out diesel washington's blog for a blow job by blow job account of the evening and of course fleshbot's blog as well.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009


the sports jock in me is goin fuckin nuts this week! first the YANKEES trounced Philadelphia in the world series. then, last saturday night my favorite college football team, the CLEMSON TIGERS beat the crap out of florida state with a score of 40 - 24. i knew the game was on, but didn't think i'd get to see it with a night full of activity. when i caught up with friends AGAVE RESTAURANT on seventh avenue in the village, the game was on and the score was pretty tight, but in a matter of minutes, my boys scored like crazy and left florida state in shambles! what a sight to see. the super hot and drop dead gorgeous C.J. SPILLER will most likely become a HEISMAN TROPHY candidate and winner plus, by the looks of it, the team is headed the college bowl! for highlights click here.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i just got a note from Papa Giovanni over at Column-of-Life blog letting me know that they chose me for their weekly Tuesday Talent feature and they included my work with Men's Sexual Health Project... thanks so much guys! you honor me and the work M*SHP does.



this is one of those moments where i am so honored and grateful to be invited or thought of for projects like these. my friends famed new york photographer JEFF EASON and award winning digital artist TROY DUNHAM asked me to be a part of a piece they were doing that would be included in the 2009 GLAAD Art Auction. how could i say no?! i have a post card sized version that i will cherish and of course framed. take a look. they also got coverage on QUEERTY blog. pretty awesome guys!

this piece features a who's who in nyc nightlife and porn. go to the QUEERTY link to see who you can pick out...



its been a pretty busy news/blog day for yours truly. part of my morning ritual is i get up between 7am and 8am. stubble naked to the bathroom for my morning piss. most of the time its all over because of my morning boner (which after 40 years i still don't understand why that happens), then to my coffee maker for the first of MAAAANY cups of java, i flip on NY1 news, flop down on the sofa, grab my lap top and its for about an hour. then its to my blogger dashboard to catch up on all the blogs i follow including leif bogo, diesel washington, gay porn times, queer me now and will clark world to just name a few. so, while going down the list of blogs i follow i found the following posts that made my day...

happy reading!


Monday, November 9, 2009


today i hit brooklyn to shoot with smoking hunks. it was long, it was smoky and yours truly topped for the first time on camera! my scene partner this time around was canadian muscle man joey jordan. sweet guy. hot scene! if you're a smoking hunks member, keep an eye out for the updates for my latest webisode.

so, while we were on a break, big daddy wayne asked me if i saw the blooper reel from my last shoot. i hadn't... now i have and quite a few of you have seen it on xtube. for those of you who have not...



this weekend was far more packed with activity than i thought or planned on. friday night's BANA party cleaned me out of clothes check supplies. we checked in 110 bags, but we ran out of the regular bags at number 79. to make room for the over flow i had to take over the larger changing area in order to organize and keep track of everything. i couldn't have managed without my volunteer justin! quite the cutie. and, once again, just as things finally settled down and i thought i'd get a chance to slip into VIP for a massage, it was time to close down. it seems like every month the time flies by faster and faster. much thanks to all of our volunteers for a stupendous job! you guys help more than you know and we all appreciate you all!

then there was steve cruz's birthday party at view bar. pretty awesome! the one thing i didn't mention in my post about the party is that steve turned 37 last week, not 30 as we were originally thought. but, there was one more event i promised to attend and that was the annual PORN AGAIN fundraiser for the New York City Gay Men's Chorus held at SPLASH BAR. when i arrived the party was in full swing and over on the stage was steve in signature black jock and surrounded by fans and drag queens alike. with a little arm twisting by the hosts, i ended up competing in the hairy ass contest... and won. my prize was a great photo book of the male form and a copy of HARD FRICTION which i have tucked away so i won't be tempted to watch since im shooting with SMOKING HUNKS today.

after the festivities steve and i hit better burger for a bite. his thank you to me for coming out and supporting. we got to chatting about the industry, the growth of his new project, working with MUSTANG, our experiences, mutual friends and our similar multi-cultural back grounds. this is the steve cruz i've been wanting to get to know for some time now and i finally have. one thing that touch my heart deeply was to see how he lights up when i asked how bruno is doing since i haven't seen him since my last visit out west. as we left dinner we went souvenir shopping. first stop was NASTY PIG but there was a "back in 5 min" sign in the door window so we decided to hit BROOKLYN INDUSTRIES. being a brooklyn boy myself, i thought it would be cool to share a little about the store and its amazing beginnings. did you know there's a shop in portland? apparently its the west coast twin to williamsburg. who knew?

all in all, it was a pretty awesome weekend. enjoy the pics.


Sunday, November 8, 2009


steve's birthday at view bar was pretty awesome! i'd planned on just popping in, wish him a happy, happy then dash home to continue with packing for my move, but no... i stayed 'til about 4am. we had so much fuckin fun. i forget how hot steve is when he's on that gogo box in a jock! suck a HOT furry ass... im getting hungry! HA!

i got the opportunity to guest MC and ask steve some questions about HARD FRICTION, his super hot and hairy husband BRUNO, and more. the new site is live but you will soon be able to download and/or view their new line of skin flicks. and i gotta tell you boys... its some of the hottest man on man action i've seen in a long time!

thanks goes to big daddy dan for the pics. oh, and if you want a cake like the one made for steve, you can have one made especially for you by shooting an email over to mr. ralph boozer at his specialty? is whatever flavors you like! he'll have all the details for you!






i met sue at steve's birthday party at view bar last night. as we chatted away she told me how her love of gay porn came about... "i discovered i have A LOT in common with gay men... we LOVE COCK"! i couldn't agree with you more sue, i couldn't agree more!

learn more about sue here and check out her most stupendous blog here...


Thursday, November 5, 2009


my first attempt to work with dominc ford didn't turn out so well. there were some serious technical difficulties... on my part. word to the wise... NEVER douche with just water. for some it works just fine. but for me... not so much. the DF team and i kept in touch over the year to coordinate our schedules and find the perfect 3D partner for me, but it was slow going until last weekend when i booked my buddy spencer reed to appear with me at the eagle's halloween party. i met spencer on set of obsession. we hit it off and became friends. he's an amazing guy, on the inside too. as production manager on the shoot, i got to watch spencer work. the truth of the matter is I WANTED THAT MONSTER COCK MYSELF! so, i got on the phone and worked out the shoot with dominic. behold the magic. let me know what you dirty fuckers think! oh, and remember to get your 3D glasses... its fuckin hot!



one would think i would or could for that matter... take some time off. but nooooo, not your favorite nyc fur ball! it never ends and its all your fault really... you fuckers just cant get enough! so, here! gorge yourselves on whats happening this weekend.






Mike Dreyden's

Wednesday, November 25th



Hey kids... I'm looking for a fan i met this past IML/GRABBY weekend. His name is Sean Turner and he lives on West Cornelia Avenue in Chicago. If you know him or if you could connect me with him on Facebook, that would be awesome!



this shout out goes to my bro STEVE CRUZ who is not only celebrating his 30th birthday, but he's celebrating the release of new flick HARD FRICTION which by the way is also his and his partner Bruno Bond's new line and web based studio. so, here's to you buddy! happy 30th! now lets turn NYC out!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


what constitutes a true and real BFF? bailing someone out of jail? covering a shift at work? running interference when you're trying to get away from someone you're not interested in? a shoulder to cry on when you're unexpectedly dumped? or... or.... maybe by just simply asking...

Peter Dafrey November 3 at 12:39pm
Dear MD ..with pleasure i will to joint and i am glad to have you as a good friend even we are very far. I live in Jakarta Indonesia. I wanna be your best friend forever. If u dond mind would u send me your BFF(best friend forever)..Love PD