Monday, September 21, 2009


hey gang! this just in courtesy of Mr. Pam and Lucas Entertainment...

on the boat headed to the pines

unwinding in the hot tub...

a funny moment...

mike dreyden pushes mr. pam off the dock!

mr. pam running from the biting crabs!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hey kids... there are about a handful of events that i look forward to and get me excited... black party, hustlaball, bootleg/cruisin, you know... i see lots of you hot fuckers out there. included in this list of course is the annual gay day at six flags great adventure and now the new freemasons party at the newly open and glamourous govenors island brought to you by the saint at large. click the links for all the info, tickets and travel. i look forward to seeing you all. ~MD

Friday, September 11, 2009


like many new yorkers, today is so full of emotions for me. for those of us who witnessed the tragedies of eight years ago first hand, people covered in dust and ash, the smell of fire everywhere and an erie silence that fell upon the city in the aftermath will forever be etched in our memories. my sadness and own memories have all come back, moment by moment, from the time i work up to get ready for work, arriving at the elevated subway at the end of my block, the delays in service and a view of the world trade center on fire off in the distance... enormous smoke clouds billowing across the sky toward brooklyn, staten island and new jersey and how EVERYONE came together.

my day eight years ago started with great joy actually. september 11th is of course a birthday for many around the world. for my family, my niece was celebrating her 2nd that day. i can remember thinking while waiting for the train "how can i get out of work early, hit the disney store and toys-r-us. im sure she doesnt remember anything of that day. so, today my niece turns ten years old. its insane to me how much she has grown. how smart and talented she is... just like her uncle mike! she sings, she dances and she's quite the actress... i cant wait to see how much she grows in the next ten years.

we all lost so much on September 11, 2001. i think remembering and celebrating the joys of our lives does honor to the lives lost in the attacks. my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who lost friends and family at the towers.

be good to each other!


Monday, September 7, 2009


so... about a week and a half ago i get this email from the illustrious mr. pam asking me if i knew someone who is VERY detail oriented, reliable and is proficient with WORD and EXCEL. as i thought about it, i was like um... me! so i emailed her back saying that i was/am and asked her what she needed help with. she said she needed a production manager who could take on some minor clerical duties too boot. we got to talking about my experiences workin as a PA on sets for stage and film. then she offered me the gig! mike dreyden, production manager, lucas entertainment is born.

day one we spent going over contacting models, gathering forms, setting up travel arrangements, etc. as we got closer to the shoot date, i could feel my adrenaline pumpin harder and harder and couldn't wait to start shooting. during the entire process old skills i'd forgotten i had just came jumping to life and new things learned from pam were invaluable. let me tell you something about mr. pam... she is the most giving, loving person i have ever met in my life! her energy is boundless. she cares so much about every aspect of a project from lighting to how the models are feeling about their scene... i am so deeply moved by her and am honored to call her friend.

the location... fire island pines of course. the entire week was so fuckin beautiful! the last time i experienced a week of weather like this was six years ago when i was in ft. lauderdale and miami. it doesn't get any better!

im excited to be a part of a production where i got to use my knowledge and skills behind the camera. michael lucas himself stopped me at one point to say i was doing a great job and thanked me. you could have knocked me over with a feather only because it was so unexpected.

many thanks to the entire LE team for an amazing experience!


scene one/glam shots
me proud of mine and nate's set setup
spencer reed does glam before his
scene with johnny angel

nate and wilfred review and run lines
me and wilfred right before my cameo scene
road trip home...


hey kids... check out my interview on
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Sunday, September 6, 2009


in this installment i've got some pretty great stuff from the october 2009 issue featuring dexter jackson and phil heath on the cover... one of the best by the way. so, lets get to it.

first up... lets go below the belt. no, not there... a lot lower. we're talkin calves boys. one of the most neglected body parts in weight training. believe me. i see it all the time. a top heavy dude with nothin but sticks for legs and NO ASS! i mean, isnt a great ass and legs part of the whole package? my bro david mason would surely agree! here's what jim stoppani, phd has to say about calves...

the longstanding debate on calf training is whether to turn your toes in or out during calf raises, or whether it's best to keep them aimed straight ahead.

HYPOTHESIS: pointing your toes in while doing calf raises will hit the outer calf. pointing them out will hit the inner calf.

RESEARCH: researchers from armstrong atlantic state university savannah, georgia) measured muscle activity of the inner (medial) head and outer (lateral) heads of the gastrocnemius muscles of subjects as they performed 10 reps of standing calf raises three ways; feet straight forward, toes pointing in (internal rotation) and toes pointing out (external rotation).

FINDINGS: the scientists reported at the 2009 annual meeting of the americal college of sports medicine that when the subjects performed calf raises with their feet forward, there was a nearly even mix of muscle activity between the ourter and inner heads of the gastrocnemius, with the inner head doing a little more of the work. when they turned their toes out, the inner head backme even more involeved as compared to the outer head. and when they turned their toes in, the outer head took on the most work.

CONCLUSION: the researchers concluded that due to the larger muscle mass of the medial gastrocnemius (inner calf head), it takes on a bit more of the brunt of the load during standing calf raises with the feet straight forward. the more you tunr your toes outwoard while perfomring calf raises, the mor einner calf (and the less ourter calf) you hit. the more you turn toes inward, the mor ethe outer calf (and the less the inner calf) is engaged.

APPLICATIONS: consider changing up your foot position when doing calf raises. if you have fairly balanced inner and outer calf-head development, start by performing two sets of calf raises with your feet in the straight forward position and finish with two sets done with your toes turned in. if you need to bring up your outer calves, reverse this order.

next up we've got a great piece from tabatha elliott, phd. she wants you to KNOW YOUR MIXED PROTEIN POWDER! she says...

although whey used to be the king of the protein powder empire, other protein powders have now staked a claim on whey's territory - namely casein and soy. each offers unique benefits that enhance those of wehy. certain companies have realized this and now offer these three powerful protein powders inone mixed protein combo. using these tips will help you purchase the right kind of mixed protein powder.

different protein powders have different digestion rates. whey is very fast digesting, soy is somewhat moderate and casein is slow.

  1. different protein powders have different digestion rates. whey is very fast digesting, soy is somewhat moderate and casein is slow. this means that the protein will start dilivering its amino acids to your muscles very quickly and continue delivering its aminos for multiple hours, which increases muscle protein synthesis (muscle building) and also halts muscle breakdown for opimizing muscle growth.

  2. Protein powder flavors have moved forward from the standard chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. if you don't like one flavor, chances are you can find one that's more palatable for your taste buds.

  3. although you may be concerned with saturated fat, you should remember that it helps keep testosterone levels up. in addition, the majority of the saturated fat in protein powders is from medium-chain triglycerides, which are discussed in number six. MCs are not readily stored as bodyfat and are used for energy.

  4. look for protein posders taht supply less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. you don't want to pay for carbs in your protein powder. carbs reduce the amoun tof prtein you get per scoop. if you want carbs with your shake, get i from food.

  5. gum blends are carbohydrate-based thickeners that enhance the texture of the protein powder to make the shake thicker and creamier.

  6. MCTs, flaxseed powder, omega-3 fatty acid comples, conjugated linoleic acid are not stored as fat; in addition, they can encourage fat loss. plus, they help further increase the digestion time of the protein powder.

  7. look for products that supply at least 20g of protein per scoop. anything less means using more scoops to get adequate protein intake, and fewer servings per container, as well as more fat and carbs per shake.

  8. protein powders come in a variety of sizes from about 2 pounds to 10 pounds. sitck with the smaller size when trying a new flavor in case you don't tolerate it well. once you find the flavor you like best, go with the largest size available to cut down on prince.

i get super ultra gassy from just about everything on me market except muscle milk brand. it really pisses me off. i feel like i'm walkin around with this huge gas bubble in my gut and these god awful cramps. plus im fuckin fartin my brains out for hours, sometimes days! muscle milk however doesnt do that to me. not even the powders.