Thursday, April 30, 2009


i just got this from my friend moe whose in the cast of PIG TALE which jack and i saw a few months ago and i gotta tell ya... see this show before they take it on the road including ireland! funny, sexy and cute! we laughed our asses off! 

Please join us at the Invited Dress Rehearsal of the TOSOS production of Chris Weikel's hit comedy PIG TALE prior to its trip to Dublin's Gay Theater Festival. This is a full run through of the show in its entirety at the Bridge Theater at Shetler Studios 244 West 54th Street 12th floor at 8:30 PM on Tuesday May 5th.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


all of us in the north as you know have been cooped up for MONTHS! the winters are tough some times although this year it wasn't too bad except for that one week in january that was insanely cold! well now summer is here! FUCK SPRING! i want it HOT, SWEATY AND STINKY! and this past weekend didn't disappoint! on saturday jack and i hit central park after brunch. by the time we hit sheep meadow, it was packed from one end to the other with boys, girls and everyone in between! i don't have pics of him (i always forget my camera!) but there was this one dude built like zeb atlas and as tall as a sky scraper and had everyone all a buzz! i had a semi for sure!

on sunday while jack was off singing at a service, i decided to hit the gym. it was another beautiful day and i had to get out of the house. working and working out at the equinox on greenwich and 12th is perfect! the entire gym is filled with light from the first floor to the 4th! so, here i am doing chest flys on the peck deck when lo and behold who comes over to do shoulder presses with a pair of 30s... mr. keifer sutherland! after i showered i decided to take a stroll down to the christopher street pier. again... another fine day in the city and people everywhere. the pier was packed with a who's who of nyc nightlife and porn stars. so, while on my walk i ran into diesel. we shot the shit, talked industry, friends we miss (yo! damien... give your bros a ring or email mr. "im a european porn mogul"). i love hangin with big d.

today im workin my shift at the gym, but my work out comes first. its legs day! woo hoo! today is the day i find out if im accepted in to the equinox training program. i'll first be getting my national certification then i'll be taking the equinox certification. i never thought i'd become a trainer, but with all the questions and interested from future clients, i decided why the fuck not! so, if you wanna look like a porn star, you gotta work out like one! 

Monday, April 27, 2009


recently a dear, dear friend of mine lost all of his worldly possessions. its a crazy story that seriously sounds like it could be a Law & Order script, but let me tell you... i saw the pics of all the damage. its crazy! so, to help my buddy matt out, all of us in NYC nightlife, big time celebrities to the newbies like me have all been coming together to help him out, emotionally and financially. the reports of so many donations and collections set up at some events and those in the coming weeks... my heart is so warmed. honestly though... i don't think there's a person in this city that knows matt that wouldn't help. 

and for all you party people, i briefly chatted with josh wood about upcoming stuff... there's only one 1-OAK event left and ONO begins in two weeks... y'all should be there... trust!


Lady Fag

with frankie c.

me, jack and andrew

with russell and black eddie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Doric Wilson - Mark Finley - Barry Childs

Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwrights Project

7:30 - Saturday, April 25, 2009

Donnetta Lavinia Grays's
The B Factor
directed by Kirsten Kelly

with Tammi ClaytonRenee' Flemings & Jennifer Kidwell

The B Factor is a playful, soulful and often dark gender play that challenges the ideas of what it means to be male and female and what it means to be Gay and Lesbian in the Black community. It brings to light under-tackled issues within African-American culture that attempt to isolate the Gays and Lesbians that make this community diverse. Cast with three African American women, The B Factor follow the lives of Duane and Anthony as they try to uncover their true identities and negotiate their feelings for one another in the wake of a major storm that sets out to destroy the home they seek to create. Guided by the wisdom of an old blues man, they soon learn what truly constitutes a home and what truly defines them as people.

Playing time approximately 90 minutes

admission free  -  ART/NY - The Mitchell Room, 3rd floor
520 Eighth Avenue (between West 37th & 36th)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WOOF! x 4 = Sleazy Chicago + Furry Philly divided by Brooklyn Brawler!

last night i attended the fourth anniversary of WOOF! over at VIEW BAR. the usual cast of characters were there, Torez, Johnny Mack, Jared Wolf, Max Scott and me of course. also attending the celebration were my daddy from philly... Dru Bruin and my bro Ricky Sinz!

rick took to the stage and gave us all the show we have come to love... including his "double shocker" dance. dru, oh, dru... watchin him on the stage made me ooze a little cum in my jock and i could feel my butt hole opening UP! one day y'all... one day! 


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


hey everyone... 

so, im like this is so fuckin stupid... apparently there's some douche bag on facebook who has created a profile as dean... i know dean for a little over two years now and he is the kindest, sweetest person i know... and fuckin brilliant to boot. so, if you're friends with him on facebook, delete the profile from you list... its not him. as you can imagine, he's pretty embarrassed and not happy about having his cyber identity stolen!


Friday, April 3, 2009


with eric rhodes at the falcon party

with ricky and tristan at the raging stallion party

conner all fucked up!

with tristan at the raging stallion party

with josh west at the awards... dont know who that queen in the back is!

with big daddy raymond dragon and his business partner!

with ty, tim and matt... tim is my FTL daddy... for years!

with conner and nick at the awards

with chad and damian at the awards


i never get tired of this... i love them!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And The 2009 GayVN Award Goes To...

My GayVN weekend in San Francisco has been with out a doubt another fantastic and fun time. Visiting with friends old and new, making new friends... good times!

I arrived in San Francisco on Friday morning where my super sexy friend Kurt Massey picked me up at the airport. The weather was fantastic the whole weekend. Sunny and warm during the day and cool at night. From what I’m told it was idyllic for the city but I for one hate the cold! Sounds strange coming from a native New Yorker, but I NEVER liked the winter!

So, the festivities began with parties, parties and then some. The first of which started with the Tailgate Party where just about every studio had something going on. Bel Ami was at 440, Cockstar was at Moby Dick, Dirty Boy Video was at Twin Peaks Tavern, The Elite Male Party, featuring the Visconti Triplets was at Lime, the Falcon party was at qBar, had their event at The Midnight Sun, Hot House and Activate partied at The Lookout, Jet Set Men… The Mix, Titan held court at Harvey’s and Raging Stallion did it and did it well at The Edge with a prior “meet and greet” movie signing featuring the cast of To The Last Man at Does Your Mamma Know book store. If you’re exhausted after reading this paragraph, imagine me trying to keep up and make the rounds… HONEY!

When I arrived at DYMK, everyone was there… Antonio Biaggi, Kent Taylor, Bo, Mr. Ward himself, Ricky Sinz, Tristan Jaxx, Logan McCree, Conner Habib, Nick Moretti, Bruno Bond, Vinnie D’Angelo, RJ Danvers and more of my bros than I could shake my ass at! I hadn’t seen Logan since we shot Rear Deliveries back in September, so it was great to catch up with him. We keep in touch via email of course, but as you all know he lives in Germany so of course we don’t get to chat often. Oh, and this is where the boozing began… white wine… me likey the grapes!

Aside from catchin up with everyone, the highlight was the fans. You guys totally fuckin rock! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and kind messages.

So, after the signing party the majority of the crew went off to eat. The rest of us strolled the Castro where (and it still bugs me out that people know me) we stopped for pictures and autographs. I popped in to the Falcon party to see my buddy Eric Rhodes. Even on the west coast, he’s the tallest mothah-fuckah in the room! I could see his melon head from the street before we hit the threshold of the door! LOL! Seen there of course were Mr. and Mr. Grabby’s themselves, Stacy and Mark. These guys know how to have a good time. Hugs and kisses all around. Eric and I posed for photos on the street since like here in New York City, you have to go outside to smoke a cigarette. As we did that non other than Mr. Pam is on the scene interviewing people for The Tim and Roma show. She spots us, more hugs and kisses, photos and camera time. We also recount Black Party for each other as you can imagine we were all in different areas of Roseland, so we caught each other up on some really hot shit! Then, it was time for all Stallions to return to The Edge. Upon arriving there the joint was so crowded that the party was spilled onto the sidewalk. My number one fans, Frank Rodriguez, Tamara Hampton and Tom Trevor were the first to spot me. More photos, hugs, kisses and good times! It was a who’s who of Stallion boys including my good friend and Friday night date, Jason Ridge. Also at the top of the hill and greeting us with so much love were Bebe Sweetbrair and Barry Eskandani!

Then, like the good friend that I am, I hit the Cockstar Party to show some love to Mr. “Crimes Against Nature” himself… Diesel Washington and Barrett Long. D is my bro, my mate, my “fuck with Mikie Dreyden at your own peril” blood so you know I had to stop in to his party! These boys had the bar held down tight! I would have loved to have seen them with cocks out and slappin dudes in the jaw! I’m sure it happened at some point.

Then I closed the night with a visit to the Titan party where my other bros Dean Flynn and Tony Buff were selling raffles. Well, Dean was selling the tickets while Tony called winners here and there. Also in attendance were Tony’s boy, Derek Da Silva, Brian Mills, Patrick O’Conner and I believe Paul Wilde, but I don’t remember really if Paul was there or not… I was thoroughly drunk by this point. Oh, Mark and Stacy were there too! And I thought I got around… LOL!

And through it all I of course had Kurt in tow. I could tell he was really enjoying himself and making new friends. Of course he’s a huge fan of some you fuckers and to get to meet you guys was big for him. The one thing he commented on the entire night was just how nice you all were. So, I thank you all for being your wonderful selves.

The Awards was amazing! The red carpet that was blue, Tim and Roma interviewing everyone as we all arrived. I didn’t get interviewed only because when I arrived the street in front of the Castro Theatre was mobbed with fans, paparazzi and fellow industry people so Kurt and I just hit the carpet to get inside. Up in the reception area I’m hangin out with Raymond Dragon, meeting lots of people at other studios and having a total blast when here comes Diesel and his HOT date… HIS MOM Y’ALL! HE BROUGHT HIS MOTHER! HOW FUCKIN HOT IS THAT?! My mother knows I gogo and model, but she does not know about the movies, well not yet anyways. Oh, and's Bill and Andy were on scene showing us some love too! So, by now you have all heard about the Michael Lucas and Brent Corrigan scandal so I am not gonna go into it here. You can get all the details on GAYPORNTIMES.COM and hear from each of them on their respective blogs. Janice the Mess... not needed! She’s fab and all, but she was a distraction and didn’t add to the event. WHAT A MESS! Alec Mapa... EVERY YEAR! My favorite from him was how we all look like we’re saying “wow” when suckin cock… I was on the floor! And the magnificent Margaret Cho! Her ode to Ricky Sinz cock... PRICELESS!

So, the awards start and we’re in to it fast. All of a sudden, its my category… I was like HOLY SHIT! ALREADY! I thought it would be a little further in. I was so nervous! As the presenter is going through the nominees, I totally freeze up and can feel my heart pounding in my chest! Then when I saw my picture on the screen from House of Leather, I stopped breathing. Kurt was squeezing my hand. I couldn’t deal! And the award goes to………… Barrett Long. The applause were not as energetic as one would have thought, but it was what it was. So, my friends… your favorite Big Apple Cub DID NOT get the award for Best Cum Shot. To be completely honest though, I am truly truly honored to have been nominated. I've only been in the industry for a little over a year and a half and with only six films under my belt, I thought I'd be under the radar for a while longer... BUT, to have been nominated is HUGE so early on and so I am thankful and grateful for the nod. Thank you GayVN!

The after party put on by Nakedsword and hosted my the magnificent and fucking sexy Michael Martinez was off the fuckin hook! My sistah and DJ… Sammy Jo brought it to San Francisco! IT WAS OOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I have it on good authority Sammy will be spinning in SF lots more… they loved her! In the VIP room you had Diesel Washington, Mr. Pam, Ricky Sinz, Tober Brandt, OMG, everyone was there. Downstairs in the lower lounge of WUNDERLAND and where Sammy was turning them out was all my Raging Stallion bros including Scott Tanner, Conner Habib, Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon. I have this total crush on Ben… I wanna eat his ass like I just got rescued from being lost at sea and its Thanksgiving! (OMG, did I just say that out loud?! LOL! Inside voice, inside voice!). BUT… the gag was seeing Erika (tricky tranny) perched on the huge leather bed in the RRS VIP area in the lower lounge… I saw her at the awards as well an was like… “am I having an acid flashback? That bitch looks like Erika!) and it was! NOW WE HAD A PARTY! I stayed ‘til about 5am and decided it was time to go… I was beat plus I had lots of brunches and lunches to do with friends who like me were all over town and we only had seconds to say hi when we did see each other.

Thank you again GayVN and Nakedsword for a all you did. Congratulations seem so small to say. The weekend was ENORMOUS and you all did good! And to all the studios… great work. You all came out in force and brought it big time! I for one am totally impressed. So congrats to you all. And a super warm and BIG congratulations to all my friends who won BIG at this year's awards. Well done boys! You all deserve it.



Best Actor:

Ricky Sinz, To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best Actor-Foreign Release:

Ralph Woods, French Kiss,

Bel Ami


Best All-Sex Film:

Breakers, Titan Media


Best Alternative Release:

Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon,



Best Amateur Film:

Edge, Volume 2, ChaosMen


Best Amateur Website:


Best Art Direction:

To the Last Man,

Raging Stallion


Best Bear Film:

Centurion Muscle 5:

Maximus, Centurion Pictures


Best Bear Website:


Best Bisexual Film:

Shifting Gears, All Worlds


Best Bottom:

Brent Corrigan


Best Cinematography:

Chris Ward, Ben Leon & Tony Dimarco,

To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best Classic DVD Release:

Best of the 1970s, Falcon


Best Cum-Shot:

Barrett Long, XXX Amateur Hour Volume 6,

Dirty Bird Pictures


Best Director:

Chris Ward, Ben Leon & Tony Dimarco,

To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best DVD Extras:

To the Last Man,

Raging Stallion


Best DVD Special Edition:

To the Last Man 4-disc Edition,

Raging Stallion


Best Editing:

To the Last Man,

Raging Stallion


Best Ethnic-Themed Film:

Black Balled 6:

Under the Hood, All Worlds


Best Ethnic-Themed Film-Latin:

Roman's Holiday, Falcon


Best Fetish Film:

Folsom Prison, Titan Media


Best Fetish Performer:

Tober Brandt


Best Foreign Release:

Italians and Other Strangers,

Lucas Kazan


Best Group Scene:

Sex Hiker, Black Scorpion,

Zack Randall, Pistol Pete,

Dallas Reeves, Rocco, Zackary Pierce,

Braxton Bond, Carlos Rio


Best HD Feature:

Breakers, Titan Media


Best Leather Film:

Verboten 1& 2,

Hot House Entertainment


Best Marketing Campaign:

Excess, Rascal


Best Music:

JD Slater/Nekked,

To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best Newcomer:

Jackson Wild


Best Non-Sex Performance:

Lady Bunny, Brothers' Reunion,

Lucas Entertainment


Best Oral Scene:

To the Last Man,

Jackson Wild & Ricky Sinz,

Raging Stallion


Best Packaging:

Return to Fire Island,

Lucas Entertainment


Best Picture:

To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best Pro/Am Film:

Brent Corrigan's Summit,

Dirty Bird Pictures/Prodigy Pictures


Best Screenplay:

Tony Dimarco,

To the Last Man, Raging Stallion


Best Sex Comedy:

Paging Dr. Finger,

Hot House Entertainment


Best Sex Scene (Duo):

The Drifter,

Logan McCree & Vinnie D'Angelo,

Raging Stallion


Best Solo Film:

Minute Man Solo 31: Hangin' Out,



Best Solo Performance:

Tommy Ruckus/Jackson Wild,

Home Invasion, Titan Media


Best Supporting Actor: (tie)

Trevor Knight, Endgame,

Dirty Bird Pictures,


Scott Tanner, To the Last Man,

Raging Stallion


Best Threesome:

To the Last Man,

Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner, Logan McCree,

Raging Stallion


Best Top: Ricky Sinz


Best Twink Film:

Just the Sex 1 & 2,

Dirty Bird Pictures/Prodigy Pictures


Best Twink Website:


Best Web Performer of the Year:

Leo Giamani


Best Website of the Year:, Channel 1 Releasing


Performer of the Year:

Logan McCree


Best-Renting Title of the Year:

Grunts, Raging Stallion


Hall of Fame

Dink Flamingo

Michael Lucas

TJ Paris

Dean Phoenix

Jack Simmons

Phil St. John

Chris Steele


Lifetime Achievement Award:

Roger Earl,

Director / Producer &

Industry pioneer.