Wednesday, December 23, 2009


over the past year ive discovered that i have a really fucked up reaction to like ALL of the lubricants ive always used... ID, WET, ASTROGLIDE, EROS, GUN OIL... what the fuck?! are they different now somehow?

to back track, when wet i think first offered their "platinum" brand, i thought i'd try it out. the next day my cock was all irritated and itchy. then two days after that my cock was puffy, dried up and flaking. i figured it was the silicone so i never used it again and went back to the plain wet light. when all this went down it reminded me how i would react to condoms lubricated with nonoxynol 9... what a fuckin joy that was!

i was wondering if am i the only one going through this. i asked a couple of friends if they were having any reaction to lube. their reaction was incredible. one was like "oh my god, YEAH MAN!" he's really fair skinned with a beautiful cock and fat head. he said he recently switched to GUN OIL because EVERYTHING he was using was irritating his cock like crazy... and like me he was experiencing redness, eczema like symptoms and puffiness! he went so far as to see his doctor who was like "i dont know what this is" and sent him to a specialist. so far he's loving the GUN OIL. i told him i tried GUN OIL and it sucked for me.

last night i had a meeting with my website designer and close friend and asked him about it. and again the reaction was like "you too"!? his experience was exactly the same but he recently switched to BOY BUTTER, one i haven't tried before. he said since switching his cock hasn't had any reaction, but there are different types and that i should read the labels before i choose one.

and it looks like we're not alone... more and more of us are having adverse reactions to whatever it is the lubricant companies are doing to their formulas. im gonna try to pick up some BOY BUTTER this week and see how that works. if that fucks me up too, then im gettin real ghetto and goin back to good ole vaseline!



JPigNYC said...

HOLY FLAKIN' FORESKIN, I am not alone!! I have had some of the same issues over this past year too. Thought it might be from the lube also, but I kept switching from Elbow Grease to ID water, to Eros water, to Gun Oil, that I thought it had to be some other reason. I really wonder if there is something in the lubes now that is causing this reaction.

Lee said...

I have had the same problems with lube and found a "natural lube" by a company called O'My. Best stuff I've ever used. Of course what works for me may not work for you but it's worth a shot. Here's a link to it: It stays nice and slick and is easy to clean up after.