Tuesday, December 8, 2009


im so behind on this and other posts. a fact i was recently reminded of by dan, a fan who came out to the stone pony last saturday to see me, junior stellano and torez at the RIDE event. here i was, minding my own business dancin all sexy like on the box when dan comes over, puts a dollar in my jock and says "hey, you haven't posted anything on your blog in a while... whats up with that"? you see, dan apparently reads my blog "EVERY DAY" i grab dan by the head, give a big kiss on the side of his face and said thanks. i know my blog gets lots of hits from all over the planet (i love google analytics), but this was the first time anyone told me that they read it every day! so now the pressure is on! what the fuck am i gonna write about "every day" to entertain my faithful daily readers? like i dont have anything else to do?! LOL! all jokes aside, im NOT one to divulge private matters but i want you boys to know what ive been going through over the last few months.

first up, my break up with jack. totally out of left field! i wasnt expecting this to happen after only a year and four months of dating and living together for eight months during. what you should know is that jack and i are still very close and will always be friends. our separation came about because we discovered that we were moving in different directions. he'll always be my mozart! so now im living on my own again. id thought about moving back to brooklyn where i grew up, but its crazy expensive now. you'd think that with the way the economy is now that rents would come down far more than they have, but no. but the good news is i found a great little spot right in the heart of Hell's Kitchen or as some would say NoChe (North Chelsea)!

so, on november 28th, as i mentioned, i appeared at the STONE PONY for RIDE which was part of the Santa Saturday weekend in Asbury Park, the annual fundraiser for the Bucks County Motorcycle Association. word on the road is their usual location for the gathering in new hope pennsylvania was sold when the owner passed away. turns out that the new owners either resold the bar or hired someone to run it as a gay bar, or something to that effect. im just happy its still there. so, long story short, BMC held their party at the Paradise Club at the Empress Hotel. and what a sight to see. lots of bikes parked along the road, hot men in leather everywhere and everyone having a great time. me? well lets just say i was frozen solid while handing out flyers to my event.

after a couple of hours out there in the cold i simply couldn't take it any more, so i decided to head over to the pony to see what Joe Oppedisano was doing for the set up of the instillation. aside from us dancing on the gogo box, part of the night included a live photo shoot by joe as a performance art piece. as i approached the stage door there were some guys bringing in lots of equipment. when i walked through the doors i literally froze but not because of the temperature. i could feel essence of every single musician who every performed there. the stage is HUGE! the autographed guitars hanging on the wall... good god! it was like that scene in west side story when tony and maria first see each other at the dance. the noise and people in the room quieted down and seemed to fade from my awareness and all there was was me and the guitars. and the photos! and there was little ole me. the rocker wanna-be since i was a tiny spermazoind. this is gonna sound pretty silly to some of you, but my eyes teared up from the shear joy of standing in the PONY and the fact that i have TOTALLY let my love of guitar and practice fall by the wayside.

so, here i was just mesmerized by it all when joe slapped the back of my head! bitch! he showed me around so i was familiar with what was going on, what was to happen at show time and where we were set up to change between gogo sets and the shoot. i pulled out my camera, ready to get some great candid shots but thanks to standing out in the cold earlier, the battery was about to die. i got a few that are cool and all, but i was AGAIN without a way to document it all. my NIKON COOLPIX doesn't take normal batteries. it comes with a rechargeable and yes, i didnt bring the recharger. i didnt think id need it. i charged up the night before! ugh!

its show time and im on the box in my sexiest yellow. joe's is shooting on stage with torez, men are flowing in with expressions of confusion on their faces. its a perk of the gogo box really... you're elevated enough to see everyone and everything they're doing... to some extent. they really didn't know what to think at first but it was pretty easy to catch on. the lights and music helped narrate the performance. asbury's own DJ MEATNMORE turned it the fuck out by the way. one of the things i love most is a HOT, MUSCLY RUGGED DJ!

so between shooting one subject, the next model is cued and would go up on stage to where all the costumes are hanging. we were to go through the rack, look at everything like we were shopping by taking an item off the rack, holding it up and examine it. i started with the wrestling singlets. joe yells from the set area "NO!" then points to the left of where im standing... its the boxing costume for mikie dreyden. i go over to it and gesture like "you mean this?" and he's like "yeah!". then it happened. APPLAUSE! i turn toward the the crowd... the foot of the stage is packed with guys snapping pics with their camera phones. i hold up the boxing gloves and shorts like im asking them "you want this?!" and they roar! i turn away to start changing into the costume. i give the audience a little butt shot as i bend over and put on the boxing trunks. i was a little turned on and tenting the shorts! LOL! the shoot was amazing. joe pulled out his makeup kit and painted a black eye on me. it was fuckin awesome! i looked messed up and the pics blew me away as he showed me what they looked like after each set.

joe directed me most of the time for angles and fighting positions he wanted. throwing punches, blocking, shadow boxing... yes, i can do that! close ups, wide shots, you name it! then he let me play around a bit. i pulled on the shorts showing some skin, ass and went raunchy! it was insane! i could hear him over the music... YEAH! YEAH! FUCKIN HOT! MORE, MORE! SHOM ME YOUR HOLE! ARCH YOUR BACK! YEAH! i was so into it and so was the audience. im really happy they liked it.

now, im still waiting to see the final product. there was so many photos taken that weekend he's more than likely still editing. once i get them i'll have something to show you guys. in the meantime, here are pics by brad. ENJOY!


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David said...

Dude, you forgot my name already?!?! Ha ha. It's David. Not Dan. Unless you have TWO daily readers who were at the Pony that night. ;)