Sunday, December 13, 2009


what a great way to spend a cold rainy sunday... under hot studio lights and under one of the hottest fuckers around! i forget just how big spencer reed is... in stature and cock size! not that im a size queen or anything, im not. well, im actually a REVERSE size queen... anything more than 8 inches just isn't fun for me. im about decent girth. now, dont get me wrong, huge cocks (hey tommy!) are fun to play with and look at, but to ride one for a prolonged period of time... i swear i can feel my insides shifting around... SERIOUSLY!

spencer's FAT 8 incher is the perfect size and girth for yours truly. with that said, i had a little bit of a time when we got to the "action" portion of our show. our 3D gig went far smoother, but i think i had a hard time because i hooked up with this super hot and dirty buddy ive trying to nail down for a while and we finally got to it last thursday. see, after i enjoy my "at home lower body workout", my hole seems to snaps back to virginal status for a days. however, spencer is the consummate professional and worked my hole until it finally relaxed and opened wide! and dudes... WE BROKE FURNITURE!

im not completely happy with my performance this time around guys. i cant explain it, but i kinda didnt feel that energy i normally do when im shooting. maybe its because of the BAD insomnia the last few days, or the cigarette and cigar smoke on set, or maybe it was because we ate after we did stills, i dont know. i still cant figure it out. i know that im hard on myself when i feel things aren't working out right or how i "think" they should be going on my part, but the smokinghunks crew loved it! i guess thats all that matters, no?

on one of those rare occasions i managed to get some stuff for you guys to gander at... our scene will be up in a week or so. in the meantime, enjoy the pics and come on down tonight to VIEW BAR for WOOF! and meet spencer... he's our guest this week. a lucky few will win a signed copy of our 3D flick along with 3D glasses!


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MDW said...

Don't be hard on yourself, you look pretty good in these pics :)