Wednesday, November 11, 2009


the sports jock in me is goin fuckin nuts this week! first the YANKEES trounced Philadelphia in the world series. then, last saturday night my favorite college football team, the CLEMSON TIGERS beat the crap out of florida state with a score of 40 - 24. i knew the game was on, but didn't think i'd get to see it with a night full of activity. when i caught up with friends AGAVE RESTAURANT on seventh avenue in the village, the game was on and the score was pretty tight, but in a matter of minutes, my boys scored like crazy and left florida state in shambles! what a sight to see. the super hot and drop dead gorgeous C.J. SPILLER will most likely become a HEISMAN TROPHY candidate and winner plus, by the looks of it, the team is headed the college bowl! for highlights click here.


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