Sunday, July 12, 2009


the first time i did a location shoot was of course Return to Fire Island. a great experience for sure. however, the spending the last three and a half days in mountains of middletown new york shooting with ray dragon and joe gage's latest masterpiece JOCK PARK, on one of the most spectacular properties owned by dear friends of mine has both inspirational and moving. i've got some behind the scenes pics that will be up tomorrow but here are a few for you to get an idea of how amazing the location is...

day one of the shoot we arrived to great weather. sunny skys, big fluffy white clouds, grounds so colorful and lush i walked around with my mouth hanging open for about an hour. ray and joe were walking around the grounds discussing the shoot and deciding on camera angles and natural lighting. the cast and crew were all at the house having breakfast on the patio and getting to know eachother.

speaking of the cast... there's spike, matthew ford, chad manning and bryan slater to name a few. im in the morning jerk off scene with bryan. on day two i bottomed with matthew ford. if you'll remember, matt and i are both in House of Leather but this is our first scene together. we met about two years ago just before i did my first movie. we've kept in touch since then. upon discovering we'd be doing a scene together, well... we were both excited about the prospect and put on quite a hot show i know you'll all love watching.

fyi... ray cooked dinner both nights i was on location and masterfully done i might add.


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Tball said...

OK -- Matthew FORD = HOT! And he's a clever and funny man to top it all off. Much like yourself. =)