Saturday, May 23, 2009


is it morning? already?! fuck, i feel like i just laid down. yep, the sun is up, im up... so wrong! is that music still coming from the jackhammer?! no, its the pounding in my head! WOW! 

where to begin? oh... ok. so... after i posted yesterday, i got my shit together and took of for the IML host hotel... the Chicago Hilton. WE DONT LIKE THEM! THE SECURITY GUARDS... NOOOOT NICE! anyways... i get to the hotel like an hour before im supposed to appear at the fort troff booth to do my thing. im about to walk in through the revolving doors when this enormous (as in fat) security guard stops me and askes "are you here for IML?" im like "yeah" then he asks me for my "pass". im like "what pass?" he's like "well you need a pass to get into the hotel for the events". im thinkin "oh here we go... not awake an hour and im gonna have "deal" with some... AGAIN! after going back and forth with this idiot about how come now after years of attending IML events that there's all of a sudden a pass required to enter the hotel? now this is only my second year attending and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure shit out. i explained to mr. im a retard the difference between the leather maul, the IML competition portion, etc. etc... 20 minutes wasted!

ok, so im in. i get down to the leather maul where i run into thorn. he comes up close to me and starts sniffing like he can smell something. im laughin my ass off. you'll know why when you get your copy of this month's instigator magazine. i fuckin love this man! he tells me that the guys at the booth are getting me my pass to enter the maul and he was rushing out to the hotel mail room to pick up the newly arrived copies of the issue! i started jumping up and down clapping my hands... "YAY...". just as he leaves, one of the most wonderful IML conference staff guys comes over and asks "excuse me, are you mike dreyden?" im like yeah. he then gets on his knees, bows his head and holds up an envelope... "mr. dreyden, this here is your vendor pass courtesy of leather masters". as he's doing this everyone passing through the hall is watching with im guessing awe and approval and im sure wondering who the fuck am i to have such a good boy PRESENT me with my pass. i asked "whats your name boy?" as i take my pass from him. he told me but i totally forgot what it is. i bent over to whisper in his ear and said "you serve your master well boy. lick my high-tops then you may go." and low and behold he did exactly that.

i enter the maul area and check in with fort troff. they're still setting up a little so i decide to go over to the leather masters booth to check in with them as well. the entire maul area is far bigger then at last year's hotel. not one but two enormous spaces in the lower level of the hotel and what seemed to me like twice as many vendors then last year. it was a little hard to get through. guys wanting to take pics. catchin up with friends. people everywhere and its only the first day!

my first stop before duty was at the titan media booth. manning the helm is mr. brian mills! big hugs from him and an update on my shoot with them... the name was changed to bad conduct and will drop at the end of june. he said the scene is top shelf and the oral portion in the freight elevator had the guys in editing hard and distracted! am i really that entertaining?! LOL! the welcome mat over at titan has my name on it and im grateful. thank you guys!

next up... slick it up! and david mason doing shows! that mutha fuckah can do whatever he wants with me at any time, any place! as you know, slick it up sponsored opening night of my official nyc gogo idol competition. david was in this body suit that had my butt hole quivering! his bodatious ass made me want to get on my knees and eat for days. and his brilliant smile... well he's just too god damn gorgeous! the dreyden loves the mason!

i finally make my way over to the other wing of vendors. the first thing you see when you walk in... nasty pig on the left and the stockroom on the right where steve cruz and bruno bond are holding court seeing as they're featured in the company's latest catalog. now there's a treat! two of the hottest men in porn who are a couple and in all kinds of gear to get your juices flowin... seriously though... i cant stop touchin myself. there's a surprise. over at the NP booth i see this amazing new ad campaign featuring my london lover chris miller! stunning doesnt begin to describe his natural beauty and in NP gear. im still touchin myself. all the boys at the booth were poppin with a shit load of customers! again, only the first day of the maul and the men are shoppin!

im make my way over to where leather masters is set up and just like last year, NY JOX, another GOGO IDOL sponsor is set up right next to them... brian and his husband spot me and give me the biggest hugs ever. love them too! brian says... "hey, i made this with you in mind, no joke" and presents me with a brand spankin new white sport jock with the word "PORN" on it with a giant red star... get it... "PORN STAR". i love it to death and will be wearing it tonight at the FORSAKEN party where im appearing some of the hottest men in chicago.

i spent the next two hours at the leather masters booth helpin guys try on gear. i dont know if its because of the event or my sales skills or the fact that im barely wearing anything, but i manage to see everything i help someone with. it feels good when you hear "I'LL TAKE IT"! i did manage to fuck up royally! there was this hot hot guy. about six three, built nice and a massive cock! he wanted to try on a rubber jumper. i helped him in it with no problem, but when it was time to get out of it so he could try on a larger size... the zipper i was pulling down very carefully nicked his fuckin sack! he started bleeding really bad and i felt horrible. i started running all over looking for napkins to help. he was like "no worries... it happens" but i couldn't stop apologizing! leather masters are beyond awesome... they gave him a 50% discount and a huge bottle of lube! im stayin away from zippers from now on... its buttons or snaps!

after my shift there, i high tailed it to roscoe's for the Tim & Roma Show for my interview. just about every pornstar in town was at the bar including lucky daniels, trevor knight, jason ridge, logan mccree, matthew rush and the king of comedy... mr. eric rhodes! yes, i think he's the funniest fucker on the planet and cracks me up! our hosts, sister roma and scott tanner asked me questions about my stink fetish and why i was thugged out with a yellow bandana on my head. a new look for me for sure, but not one that will last. i talked about the article in instigator and my water sports scene in my titan film which is sure to please and why i drank my piss at the GayVN after party... well, scott... i was thirsty. there were so many of us to interview so the segments were short. you should be able to see the full show on the tim and roma website in about a week or so... possibly sooner. its crazy busy for all of us here so i dont expect it to be up right away.

after all that scott tanner, ben leon, lucky daniels, adam and i grabbed some grub at a cute little place called eat-a-peta. good food, healthy and very inexpensive. we needed to kill some time before getting to the lucky horseshoe for the raging stallion event. the restaurant was right next door, so we didn't have to go very far so we took our time. once we got there the place was packed. i have to be honest... the energy was NOT the same as it was last year. it was gross really. at one point this twinky kid came over to me and asked "hey sexy, whats YOUR pleasure?" as he put his hands on my chest. i was like "you smell like tina, take your hands off me!"... the kid's jaw dropped. we walked away and over to this really old fat guy, whispered something to him in his ear and they both looked at me. i rolled my eyes and went outside to smoke a cigarette. im very disappointed. i think we all were. the bartenders were snotty and didnt serve us well. it was obvious that the regulars were served first and attended to. there was one moment that was really worth it for me. there was a guy there with a backpack filled with magazines and pornstar photos. he came over to me and asked "are you mike dreyden?" i said yes and he goes "i dont have it with me but i have a copy of MACHO with you on the cover. i forgot it, but could i get your autograph anyway. i said sure and signed a napkin. saw he had a camera so i grabbed it and snapped a few shots with him. he was so thankful and gracious.

well, im off to rehearsal for the grabbys and another long day of appearances. check back tomorrow for more!



Stan said...

Another great post Mike! You should be a reporter on covering the Grabby awards and IML. For those of us too poor and broke to attnend...Thanks!

Diesel Washington said...

Hey Mike,

Its Diesel, I'm glad u had a great time in Chi Town..... I have been in Chi town the last three years so I was happy this year that I didnt have to man any of the booths or do the autographing thing.... Ur a hottie and will do amazing in this business....Keep ur fire going......U just got started so stay hungry!!!