Friday, May 22, 2009


ok, so of course i fuckin forgot my camera... AGAIN! however, there will be a shit load of pictures surfacing over the next few days on facebook and the web from fans and chicago media alike from my quasi appearance at chi chi larue's party last night and the IML host hotel and oh what a treat it will be!

so, first off... i fuckin missed my flight thursday morning and had to rebook for a later flight that got me in to o'hare at 2:30pm. sounds simple enough, right... WROOOOOONG! i had to PAY an additional $50 bucks to get a seat on that flight. honestly though... when i arrived at check in, i had a good half hour to make the gate. there was only eight people ahead of me at check in and i would have made my original flight but the agents seemed like they didn't know what the fuck they were doing. oh, what airline you ask? DELTA! NEVER AGAIN! I SWEAR TO THE GODS... NEVER AGAIN! delta can suck it! 

ok, so... i'm in and i make my way to my buddy's place where i'm staying. i'll let the secret out now that i'm here... i originally didn't want anyone to know because i know how some of you fans are... i'm staying with the fucker of the century! the master of disaster, the king of all bad-assness... the one, the only... RICKY SINZ! yes, that's right. and partying we are. here's a little dish... rick's apartment... PRISTINE! i'm like what the fuck! i expected a total "guys" apartment. but i shit you not... this place would make any chelsea queen storm out in a huff and go redo their apartments! i know i am when i get home! the best part... his display case with all his awards. elegantly done! oh, and the art... gurl... you bitches cant imagine. 

now, we decide to hit the host hotel to see what's what. guys in leather everywhere. smiling, laughing. happy. a very great atmosphere! the second we walked in, gasps and finger pointing. not for me, i mean come one. they were like "oh my gawd.... its ricky sinz!" while we were outside smokin, we caught up with steve cruz and bruno bond. the boys never looked better nor better together! i love'em! after a few hellos to friends and fans we headed back to grab some grub before hitting chi chi's shindig. where it was a who's who! diesel washington, bruno, steve, tim kelly, josh west, scott tanner, matthew rush, honey west, race cooper, sister roma, the guys from naked sword, wolf hudson, steven scarborough and his husband... the list goes on and on. BUT, two of my biggest fans were totally there and made my night... tamara hampton and  tom trevor. they are fun loving fans with big hearts.

back at the ranch we did a quick change and rested for a sec before hitting jackhammer. now, i knew this weekend was gonna be busy and nuts, just not so soon. i'm exhausted still! rick introduced me to the owner and manager. they're great guys and are totally happy that i'm in the line up for ricky's party saturday night. its gonna be hotter then hell! woo hoo! seen were my husband's bestest friends a.k. miller and david crowel who is the spitting fuckin image of scott campbell. when he came over to say hello to me i thought dave was scott. i felt like total spaz! seriously though! you'd swear they were twins!

today is gonna be nuts. i'm off to appear at the fort troth booth at the hotel from 2pm to 4pm. then tonight i'm doing an interview for the time and roma show at roscoe's and after that... the raging stallion vip party at the lucky horse shoe. at some point i'll make it to the gym, eat, nap. YEAH, RIGHT! LOL

if you're here, you're queer... in leather!


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Stan said...

thanks for the excellent report Mike. For those of us too poor to make it to Chicago I really appreciate it. Yours is the first blog I've read with what's going on there. Enjoy!