Friday, November 21, 2008

a night in aspen...

aspen lounge that is...

my big bro MATT TRATNER is at it again, but this time he's hard at work for the younger LGBT community. this fundraiser will benefit TRINITY PLACE SHELTER. everyone who's anyone will be at 30 West 22nd Street on Tuesday, December 2nd to help this amazing organization raise the much needed funds to continue to help homeless/displaced LGBT youth.

here's how YOU can have a night in aspen... go to to buy your bracelet, a $25 donation. once you arrive at aspen lounge you will be enjoy.

1. unlimited free drinks from 7pm to 11pm
2. VIP entry - NO LINES, NO WAIT
4. HX magazine's #1 DJ XAVIER
3. a chance to win raffle prizes
5. NYC hottest people

show your support for our younger selves... who knows, they just might be the next greatest designer, community organizer, party promoter or PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


hey gang...

well, the competition is STIFF! LOL! we had a great turnout and the contestants were fuckin H.O.T. i was like "im only having Muscle Milk (the lean muscle formula) for the rest of my life!" my good friend and west coast hottie travis creston started things off with a super sexy gogo set to show us east coasters how they do out west... thanks buddy! you fuckin rock!

this thrusday of course is week two of the competition. i literally just got an email from our MC that one of the boys dropped out because he "felt really intimidated by the big guy"! i'll leave it to your imagination as to whom he's referring! LOL! with that said, we are accepting entrants this thrusday, so if you or anyone you know wants to get in on this and walk away with the 
OFFICIAL NYC GOGO IDOL title, this thursday, november 20th is your/their shot. register at or come on down to the monster. everyone is welcome to come and support the guys competing, hang with the judges, have a few drinks, etc... we'd love to have you!

the prizes include...

1. $500 CASH
2. all gear they are given to competed in
3. gogo bookings at the monster
4. a one year membership to steel gym
5. appearance in the NY Jox 2009 ad campaign
6. personal photo shoot with joe oppedisano



from papermag word up...
As usual, everyone who was anyone in the New York nightlife world came out in full force last night for PAPER's Fourth Annual Nightlife Awards presented by Diesel. The extravaganza, held this year at the super-luxe super-West-Chelsea nightclub Mansion, featured a stellar DJ set by November cover boy Mark Ronson (thanks for playing "Two Doors Down," Mark!), a stellar performance by December/January cover lady Solange and, of course, an awards ceremony. Bold-faced nightlife names like Christian SirianoOlivia PalermoRichie RichAmanda LeporeMichael MustoAndrew WK, and many others handed out the awards, which consisted of a nightlife-themed Dunny designed by our friends over at Kid Robot. One would never have thought that there was a recession going on as Absolut-fueled party-goers, dressed to the nines, partied it up all night long. After the awards, The Retro Kidz took to the stage for an impromptu old school dance-a-thon expertly DJed by Mark Ronson, which was a really fun way to end the evening we thought! After the jump, check out the lucky ones who took home awards.

Nightlife Star on the Rise: Retro Kidz
(presented by Amande Lepore and Aimee Phillips)

Best DJ Night: Q-Tip, Rich Medina and Va$htie at Santa's Party House
(presented by Richie Rich) 

Best Promoter: Shaw
(presented by Kenny Kenny and Sultana) 

Best Hotel With a Nightlife Scene: 60 Thompson
(presented by Kate Schelter and Luigi Tadini)

Best Restaurant With a Nightlife Scene: Indochine
(presented by Sophia Lamar and Bravo's Andy Cohen) 

Best Designer With a Nightlife Influence: Opening Ceremony
(presented by Olivia Palermo) 

Best Nightlife Photographer: Nicky Digital
(presented by Harriet Halloway and Peter Davis)

Best Gay Night: Tubway at Mr. Black
(presented by Christian Siriano and Brad Walsh)

Best New Bar/Lounge: Apotheke
(presented by Pedro Andrade) 

Best DJ: Samantha Ronson (presented by Daniela Sea) 

Best New Club: Santa's Party House (presented by Michael Musto) 

People's Choice Award for Best Nightlife Blog: Down By the Hipster
(presented by Andrew Andrew)

People's Choice Award for Best Bar/Lounge: Angels & Kings
(presented by Ally Hilfiger, accepted by Travis McCoy)

People's Choice Award for Best DJ: Skeet Skeet
(presented by the James Gang)

People's Choice Award for Best Party: The Hump at Blue Owl
(presented by Lady Fag and Luke "The Ass" Nero)

People's Choice Award for Best Club: Santa's Party House
(presented by The Retro Kidz)

People's Choice Award for America's Best Party: Funk Night in Detroit, MI
(presented by Andrew WK)

Special thanks to: Foox, Sebastian and Smart Water!


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Hey gang... 

Tonight is the night of the GOGO IDOL contest at the monster. There's still time to enter to compete for the title and win the best prizes ever offered including $500 CASH, one year at STEEL GYM and a photo shoot with JOE OPPEDISANO! It all happens at The Monster tonight at 11pm. Arrive between 10:30 and 11 if you're wanna compete!

Friday, November 14th I will make a quick stop by HK Lounge to chill with Michael Lucas, Mr. Pam and my buds Ryan Raz and Jackson Wild for the release of our new Lucas Entertainment film Return to Fire Island, Fire Island Cruising 9. Then, its off to Max Scott's G.R.U.F.F. party at The Eagle where Torez and I will be putting on one of our dirty duets! We both know how y'all love seeing that!

Speaking of "cruising"... on November 22nd I'm appearing/performing at the super hot, uber sexy CRUISING/BOOTLEG party. I'm excited about this one boys... I adore both Josh Wood and John Lovett, so its quite the honor for me! Oh, I forgot to mention the best part... I'm performing WITH the one, the only ERIC RHODES

Then, on November 26th, you can find me at Daniel Nardicio's HORN-O-PLENTY party. This is a party you WILL NOT WANT TO MISS! As with the HUSTLABALL, there will be NO jock straps, shorts, undies, NADA! Well, not for the first five seconds anyways! Go to for all the details and info!


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