Friday, July 25, 2008

ive been a bad, bad boy...

my first appearance at will clark's bad boys on the hudson cruise aboard the queen of hearts was amazing. at first i was a little nervous while all the photogs and party boys mobbed the stage but then i relaxed and had a great time. torez joined me on stage and we put on a pretty damn good show even though we were covered in oil and the boat swayed like crazy. it made for some fun balancing acts. but thank god for his monster cock. if it wasnt there for me to grab on to at one point, i would have went flyin across the deck.

the entire event was a fundraiser for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community services center in conjunction with team eagle. had i not found the center when i was a teenager, i would not be here today! so support the center and it's youth program. there are many young people out there about to come out or are coming out and we must, ALL OF US, be a beacon.

my fellow porn star guests included duke rivers, tre xavier (my costar in all out assault), ty hudson and fellow gogo god torez. by the way, for all our fans out there, torez and i will be working together very soon. in the words of the incomparable mike peyton... "they're gonna make beautiful porn together!"

our dj for the cruise, the super sexy and super sweet randy bettis spun the crowd (some naked i might add) into a super heated frenzy! with the heat of the weather and the heat on the dance floor, if you were not naked when you got there, it was only a few seconds before you were! check out randy's myspace page!

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Monday, July 21, 2008

havin a blast! wish you were there!

the 2008 road trip to asbury park was a "BLAST"! especially the saturday beach party SAND BLAST! 

i arrived in asbury on friday evening at about 7/7:30. it was a sort of homecoming for me since i had not been down there for three and a half years. long story short... my boyfriend at the time owned a beautiful house two blocks from the beach and the stone pony. when we separated was when i stopped visiting. then, shortly there after he sold that house and bought another house a few blocks away. 

so, when i got off the train i decided to take a stroll down cookman avenue to see what new shops or restaurants have opened. then it was down to the boardwalk to see what new shops opened there... interesting stuff, but nothing that wowed me. as i made my way toward the convention center i could see that the kick-off party for the weekend was just starting up so i headed to my friend brad's house to get settled, shower and change. when i returned it was a who's who of nyc, asbury and philly! my extended asbury family which i had not seen in all this time was just as happy and surprised to see me as i them.

saturday morning i was at the beach early to check in for my gogo sets and just chill before the festivities but chillin was not on the menu. i saw my buds eddie and eric workin to complete the set up. the sun was hot and beamin down on us and since it was crunch time before the dance was to begin, i jumped it to help. my job was to help wrap the gogo boxes in blue nylon and help eddie complete the decorations. then it was show time... for six hours i danced in the sun. my all-over tan is pretty much undone and my feet are lighter than the rest of me since i had my sneakers on the entire time. get down to asbury park! you'll love it! 

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

speaking without words...

earlier this week i was contacted by fashion designer larry underwood and photographer vince carletti to appear in a shoot for larry's fun fetish gear and urban line of clothing about to hit the runways and stores very soon. from what i understand the original models didnt work out so they had to re-shoot a lot of the designs. you can see more pics on my myspace page, but below are just a few of my favorite shots. larry will be at the Bad Boys on the Hudson Sea Tea this sunday where i'll be performing and wearing a few of his designs. if there's anything you like, he'll definitely take an order. 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

three, tre, tria, tres...

ive gotten a lot of questions about my tattoo so i thought i'd explain why i chose the triquetra. first off... i got inked on november 14, 2003 on stage at the eagle at aaron tanner's first fetish party called "tattoo fetish". i didnt feel any pain, no discomfort nothing really except for a little burning sensation when the artist would wipe the blood away so that he could continue. 

so, what does my tattoo mean, well i'm glad u asked... its called the Triquetra (try-KET-ra, Latin for "three cornered"). fans of the TV show CHARMED know that the symbol represents the "power of three". the Triquetra also appears on the christian bible, new king james version, in real life and is considered by some as a protection symbol. so what's the real story behind this symbol? here are the two current viewpoints of what the Triquetra symbolizes.

Christian Symbolism: the Triquetra represents the holy trinity: the father, son, and holy spirit. the unbroken circle represents eternity. the interwoven nature of the symbol denotes the indivisibility and equality of the holy trinity. it symbolizes that the holy spirit is three beings of power, honor, and glory but is indivisibly one god.

Pagan/Wiccan/Goddess Symbolism: the Triquetra represents the threefold nature of the goddess as virgin, mother and crone. it symbolizes life, death, and rebirth and the three forces of nature: earth, air, and water. The inner three circles represent the female element and fertility.

many cultures and religions consider the number three to be holy or divine. The symbol of three interlocking circles, has been found on 5000 year old indian religious statuary. there are lots and lots of threes if we just look around. the Triquetra symbol itself dates as early as the eighth century on carved stones in northern europe. a norse rune known as the odin knot or val knot resembles it almost exactly.

now, you'll want to know why i chose the Triquetra as my first tattoo... when i was born, the three women in my life were my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mom. around the time i turned three months old, my great grandmother passed. then, when my mom had my sister, the three women in my life were my grandmother, my mother and my sister. fast forward to 1999. my sister gave birth to my neice. in august of 2000 my grandmother passed and now the three women in my life are my mother, my sister and my niece. i view myself as the circle that connects us all. not only to eachother, but to our heritage and ancestors.

believe me when i tell you that i could feel my great-grandmother, grandmother and great aunt with me when i had it done... 

i got da bluuuuuuues

on my last night at this year's IML weekend, we hit the biggest party of the weekend... the official IML after party at The House of Blues. there are few words i can use to describe this place so you HAVE to visit. its filled with musical history that simply blows you away. the architecture and design alone, once you walk in and it hits ya, will leave you mouth on the floor. and the acoustics... HONEY! we experienced club music while we were there, but i can only imagine the likes of B. B. King or Santana or any musical icon taking the main stage!

the VIP lounge was located on the top floor in a room with huge bar and two lounge rooms each designed differently. one had an indian (as in india the country) design and the other a buddhist monastery feel. both had amazing tapestry, statues and sofas. oh, and so insulated the music from the other room was barely a whisper. 

over the past year and a half ive become pretty good friends with my local industry performers. two of which i kinda look up to in a way because they have been in the biz for a while and because i have learned a lot from listening to their advice. below is a video shot by someone in one of the upper balconies of these two friends of mine hoisting me up on stage during the TITANMEN show and proceed to "rape" me for a crowd of hundreds. well, they dont actually rape me, but you'll get the idea. oh, but i'd totally let them have their way with me. can you guess who they are? Enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


my latest film, shot in las vegas this past april was HOT! Bear Omnimedia's sound stage was the perfect location for me and my scene partners, peter axel and adam faust to have their way with me as i explore one of the rooms at The House of Leather. i've been a fan of these guys for years and i've shot gallons of cum to their films, so you can imagine what i was like when i got word they were going to be my scene partners. i don't want to give it all away, but let me just tell you this... get your lube, sit back and get ready to edge as you try NOT to loose your load to any of the scenes! nuff said!

the premiere and "big release" happened during this year's IML weekend at the Bijou Theater in chicago. there was a red carpet, velvet ropes, paparazzi, and ticket holders lined down the street. ok, maybe it wasn't that dramatic, but the carpet and rope is true. the paparazzi consisted of me, tober brandt, butch bear, max scott, jay black, jared wolfe and the owner of the theater and his staff. every seat in the house was taken except for the first two rows. then after the film, tober tood the stage for a live performance. now... if there WAS anyone in the first two rows, they would definitely gotten wet!

this project is Butch Bear's first film geared toward the leather/leather bear community and is a part of their newly developed Back Room Films division. i have no doubt that their future projects with be as equally exciting and edgy! show your support! visit their website! order the films! ask for more Mike Dreyden! i still have a lot of bearishly hot stuff to show y'all! ;-)


my first film All Out ASSault has been out now for about three months. my scene was shot on location here in the nyc eagle. my scene partner, mario ortiz who i know for many years was great to work with. although i was a little nervous, mario helped me to ease onto, i mean, into my role as rival gang leader and love interest. this project is ben marksman and his company knight stick films first venture into the adult entertainment industry and part one of a three part series. you can expect to see a lot of great films from them. i spoke with ben today and i've agreed to and signed on to appear in both sequels.