Monday, December 15, 2008

1 AND 1...

as many of you know, earlier this year i was nominated for gogo boy of the year by HX Magazine along with five other great guys. william received this year's HX Award. then a few months ago i heard i was once again nominated for the Glammy award for gogo boy of the year. well, last night was the awards ceremony! I WON!
it was full of amazing talent from all over the city and our hostesses Sweetie, Jackie Beat and Lady Bunny were in ultra rare form! they had us all in stiches. i'm gonna try to get some pics up soon... there are so many!
ps... below is my acceptance speech. now, as much as i tried to thank everyone on my list, there wasnt enough time since the person presenting me the award was like "oh no... you dont come up here all dressed for gogo boy of the year... take off them clothes..." so, i not only had to get undressed (sorry larry) which took a little bit of time, i didnt get to finish my speech so here it is!
"thank you glammy awards and everyone who voted. i'm honored. i would also like to thank mike peyton, the band nekked and the eagle for giving me the stage and box i ever danced on. i also have to thank the following, linda simpson, paul short, rich king, stephen cloutier, max scott, matt rau, mark nelson, man parish, joe fiore, matthew bank, gary lacinski, jeffrey eason, peter lau, view bar, nowhere bar, g lounge, the cock, the center, bana, the saint at large, alegria, hx and next. each of you has had a hand in and contributed to my receiving this award, so from the bottomeof my heart, i thank you!

and a very special thank you to my uber sexy partner in crime... jack. your love and support means the universe to me. oh, and for the record... i'm the lucky one! i have one more thank you... to every bar owner, party promoter and night life legend here tonight or not... thank you for fighting for our fuckin right to party!
thank you.


mascdudewriter said...

Congratulations, man!

Stan said...

Congratulations Mike you deserve it!