Tuesday, October 14, 2008

get to the bathhouse...

the stand out booth (besides the max scott events booth natch) at this year's gay erotic expo was the men's sexual health project. what made them stand out was not only their great and sexy team but the fact that under the bellevue hospital center umbrella, this project offers FREE HIV/STD testing at both the WEST SIDE CLUB and the EAST SIDE CLUB, two of manhattan's popular bathhouses. but the best part is you dont have to be a member or get a daily membership to participate in the testing program. all you have to do is send an email to testingproject@med.nyu.edu or click the link above or the link in my "community resources" links below.

i got to chat with michael torres, the supervising public health advisor about the testing project and this is what he and his team want you all to know...
the men's sexual health project (mshp) offers comperhensive screening for sexually transmitted infections, specifically syphillis, gonorrhea (oral, urethral and rectal) and chlamydia (urethral and rectal). hshp also offers two types of tests to screen for hiv, 1: rapid hiv antibody test and 2: a pcr viral load test to identify acute infection that may not show up on the antibody test. testing is free, however treatment for any infection is not. we have a really good system in place to refer people to low-fee hiv and std care. we can be reached via txt msg at 917 568-2272 or at 212 562-8999. testing varies in time, day and location. testing is usually offered wednesday through sunday. you can call, txt or email us to confirm testing hours.
many thanks to michael and his team for being at the expo this year. the men's sexual health project gets the 2008 mike dreyden award for outstanding community service. thank you for being where we need services most guys and keep up the great work!


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Men's Sexual Health Project said...

Thanks for the kind comment. Our team is awesome in every way! We appreciate the Dreyden award! Wish I had been there to thank you in person! Demetre (the MSHP doctor)