Saturday, September 27, 2008

im still raging

thats right folks... im a raging stallion! 

on friday morning i arrived at the raging stallion studios in fabulous san francisco to shoot my latest film. my scene partner is the one and only logan mccree. call time was 10am, we started at about 11:30. it went great and it was a fuckin HOT shoot. logan is great to work with and we had a hoot and a half messin around since we're both goof balls. the premise of the scene is im working at the raging stallion warehouse unloading boxes of videos that just arrived from the distributor. while unloading the boxes im distracted by the giant poster of logan from the INK STORM video. as i start to fantasize about him and get drawn into his image, logan comes to life and steps out of the poster. truth be told... this fantasy is not far from my own of him.

the uber sexy tony dimarco directed us. this was just as awesome i know tony for many years... BROOKLYN BOYS IN DA HOUSE! tony was one of the directors on Mr. Bones. i loved working with him on this project. he knew exactly what he wanted to get for each shot added to that his incredible talent, we made a very sexy, sensual hot piece you will enjoy watching again and again.

after we were done i ran into chris ward just before he was headed out to meetings. he said he pleased to hear logan and i did a great job and invited me back! oh, OMG... this is awesome! i had to return to the studio for the photo shoot on saturday morning. well, while the amazing kent taylor was shooting logan's stills, chris said "hey, come up to my office, i want to show you something." so i followed up. he said take a seat, swiveled his computer screen in my direction, clicked play and showed me clips from their latest epic "til the last man" all i can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT! i watched jake deckard get lynched. logan mccree douses another guy with gas and lights him on fire. scott tanner gets raped, damien cross gets shot in the fuckin head and ricky sinz shoots a priest right in the chest! its the craziest fuckin thing ive ever seen in porn. violent! sexy! evil! HOOOOOOOOOOOT! im so gettin my copy when its ready! this flick is gonna sweep the GAYVNs this year, no doubt!

so, im gettin in the shower to head on over to THE END UP where the raging stallion party is being held. along with the new raging stallion man of the year announcement, i along with a few others are being introduced at the party. oh they asked me to be at the gloss magazine/raging stallion booth at the folsom street fair on sunday.

so, keep an eye out for action pics from the shoot and pics from the party and fair which will be up in the next few days!



thonnibg said...

That sounds like a sizzling hot scene,Mike!You and Logan-that is great pairing:)
Can`t wait to see some pics.


Chris Krakora said...

It definitely sounds hot indeed. I'll be looking forward when the DVD comes out. Looking forward to some pics as well.