Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i spent the last three days out here on fire island filming with lucas entertainment as one of the cast of fire island cruising 9. at first i didnt think i would do a lucas film but after getting the call from mr. pam and realizing that she was going to be directing my scene i signed on the dotted line... anything for pammy!

with most shoots, things tend to go very smoothly with some changes/enhancements along the way. the big change for my scene was being paired up with the uber sexy wilfred knight. when i arrived on location to check in on monday morning at the belvedere hotel here in cherry grove, wilfred and i were introduced by michael lucas. immediately wilfred said "i want him!" as he grabbed me up in a big ole bear hug! i was like "OH HEEEELL YEAH!" LOL!

our scene is hot, sexy, intense and passionate and i know you're gonna love it. im not gonna give it all away, but here are some action shots for you so you can get an idea of how fuckin steamy it was.


We've been shooting in Fire Island since Sunday evening, and we've got some great pictures that I'm really excited about sharing with everyone.

The scene today with Wilfried Knight and Mike Dreyden was perfect. They were so hot. We shot their scene outside on the deck of the glorious Belvedere Hotel. We also filmed the most gorgeous watersports scene at rich sunset... the oranges & blues of the sky silhouetted the boys and Wilfried's piss never looked so decadent!

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thonnibg said...

The pics look amazingly hot,Mike!
Just can`t wait to see the flick.You and Wilfried look so hot.A great pairing.