Wednesday, November 7, 2007

week in review...

the magnificent and beyond talented mike peyton got us NEWDists together to recreate scenes from the black party's schwarzwald for the center's halloween dance. what i love about our rehearsals is its like he has this "idea" then we run through it then come show time we're totally improvising but sticking to the script. for this show we pretty much watched the schwarzwald dvd (a must have, trust me, you'll love it or be repulsed by it… either way, get one!) so we'd have a point of reference. now, the costumes were amazing. stephen (king stink 2006) and i had the best costume changes if you ask me. we had to wear multiple items to start off and then go-go/strip out of them as the show progresses.

our hot and sexy djs were rich king and gustavo or should i say, sandy (rich) and cha cha (gus). i hit the fuckin floor when i saw them all leathered out in these god-awful wigs. sandy's bright red nail polish and lips could be seen from across the dance floor and cha cha's look was stunning... miss xander would be proud!

the most retarded part of the evening and there is always a retarded moment came when these two guys started fighting over position to snap pictures of me. one guy got in the way of the other guy, a shoving match ensued, the wigs started flying and all the while i was shakin my ass and laughing the entire time. fellow NEWDist Christian was like "WTF?!" added to the "retarded" portion of the evening was ms. bee bitch who took the stage right in the middle of the show. she didn't quite get that we were performing. oh, and she doesn't speak english. she hands you little notes.

after the show we headed over to christian's place in HK to unwind and relax before they hit the eagle and i hit alegria. for those of you who know, alegria gets packed to the rafters. you can barely make you way from one side of the club to the other, you cant dance without being body to body with friends and strangers alike (which is a good thing!). but its all worth it when you have dj's like abel and eddie… i danced from the second i got there at 3:30am until i left 11:30am. i got to have my speaker moment (that's when i get up on a speaker and dance, dance, dance). my favorite part of going to alegria is catchin up with friends i don't get to see often, but i know they'll be there. the big news is that along with the new year's alegria in rio, the sexy and fabulous ric sena is producing a new year's alegria here in new york. he says the nyc event will be a spectacular roman celebration. it all takes place on saturday, december 30th. general admission tickets are available at wear me out and universal gear and are $60 until 11/30, $70 after that and $80 at the door. of course you'll want your vip upgrade, it's the only way to do it really!

on tuesday october 30th i went to the new and fun spot in williamsburg called hugs. it's near where i grew up. the place is way cool and has a star wars cantina feel to it. go-go extaordinarre and resident hottie CHASE was behind the bar mixin up great drinks while the most fantabulous and sexy dj carrie white[noise] spun the hottest "get me on the dance floor" grooves! for all you brooklynites who don't wanna brave the fucked up subways after 11pm, get to hugs for your tuesday night infusion! trust me, you wont regret it!

so that's the recap for the last couple weeks. oh, and for all you guys who asked where you can catch my performances, check out and keep an eye out for updates to my calendar for my go-go gigs. except for SPIT, STAR FRIDAY and ALEGRIA (thats play time), you can come see shake my groove thang. by the way... ALLLL my friends support the LGBT Community Center, so i know i'll be seein you at the fetish ball!

wrap and lube it up y'all!

city critters...

so at the gay life expo this past sunday i came across the CITY CRITTERS booth. they had the most adorable kittens in the world... OMG i wanted them all but i already have two girls of my own... this is them, loving, annoying and get into everything! as you can see, they're just like their daddy... a show off and a ham for a camera!

visit CITY CRITTERS, INC. or the PET FINDER to learn how you can support this amazing not-for-profit and/or adopt. they are a wholly volunteer operated nonprofit dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of cats in need. oh, and they have an adoption center at the Petco's Kips Bay store... 560 Second Avenue @ 31st Street. 212.779.4550