Thursday, October 25, 2007

what's in a name...

so... last friday i danced for max scott for the first time at his G.R.U.F.F. party at the eagle and last monday at his WOOF! party at view bar. i've danced at the eagle before so i was way comfortable doin my thang there. but view bar? i was shittin bricks! it went off great. the crowd welcomed me warmly and i had a blast. the dj however was a "see you next tuesday"! we dont like her! LOL!

any who... for the G.R.U.F.F. party, max billed me as MIKIE B instead as my usual handle/stage name BKLYN MIKE. i guess it just sounded better and looks great on paper. at first i was like "ugh! i hate it" but as i thought about it and how it sounded when he introduced me at view bar. it kinda grew on me and i changed my mind. but then i was like, um, NO! im NOT "MIKIE B" so i told him not to bill me that way again.

Monday, October 22, 2007

where the fuck have i been?

i hate it when so much happens around me that i cant seem to get the time to stop, take it all in, process it then write about it.

so, crunch. yeah, that gym i USE to work for. lets just say that i loved working for the company. some of the people i worked with every day on the other hand... not so great. it killed me a little inside to have to quit! here's a lesson for everyone... WATCH YOUR ASS AND WHAT'S YOURS!

ok, movin on. yours truly has as you know been go go dancing at the eagle for the NEWD parties on the last wednesdays of the month. this has lead to quite a few other gigs including tonights romp at VIEW BAR. thanks to max scott, im getting the opportunity to do a little more at places i love to hang out at. i think im doin BEAR BASEMENT at SPLASH on the 24th but im not sure yet...

this past weekend i got to shake my money maker at the EAGLE for max's G.R.U.F.F party. one of my oldest buddies who i haven't seen in over a year (Torez) was also dancing. at first i thought we'd just be dancin around and flirting, you know, everything go go boys do but then i found out about the show! i was like "what show"! max was like "your show honey" LOL...

it goes like this... tores picks me up, he's like 6'4 and all muscle... im 5'7 mini muscle. my legs are wrapped around his hips. he starts toward the main stage with a little of a humping move while im hangin off of him. i loved the way he just stepped up on to the stage carring me as if i weighed an ounce. we then proceeded to put on the raunchest show we could do without getting arrested or at least thrown out of the bar. from what i hear it was great. being on stage you really dont get to see much LOL! there was a guy tapin the show, so you might see it somewhere. let me know if you do!

the guests porn actors were DIESEL WASHINGTON, RAFAEL ALENCAR, THOMAS MIXDOR and the dreamiest dream boat ever... DEAN FLYNN. there was one other guy there, but i didnt catch his name.

on saturday and sunday i got to hang with max at his BUTCH BEAR booth at the gay erotic expo. tores and i handed out flyers, palm cards and signed a few autographs. it was weird for me because all i do is dance in my underwear. i guess i have a fan following now. sunday was the best though. i got to hang out DAMIEN CORSSE, DIESEL WASHINGTON, RAPHEL ALENCAR and TOM MIXDORF at our booth for a little while before the show and they had to leave. ive gotten to know damien via myspace and catchin up with him at STERIO. one of the sweetest guys every. diesel on the other hand who i thought would be very stand-offish was equally cool and down to earth. that i found out at the eagle on friday night. ive seen both these guys on film. they are both merciless tops! be afraid! IM SO READY!!!!

half way through the event, HX MAGAZINE asked me to pose for poloroids (yes, poloroid cameras still exist, believe me i was kinda amazed myself) with the patrons of the expo. some asked if i was in adult film, thought i already am or just wanted a picture with the hot hairy guy in his jockstrap and cowboy hat... oh, and i got quite a few offers to be in adult film thank you very much. ;-)

ok, i gotta go clean the litter box... it fuckin stinks!