Saturday, July 21, 2007

the tsa is run by a bunch of fuckin idiots!

ok, so this isn't news, but get this...

so i'm watchin cnn and the new is the tsa is 'relaxing' their cigarette lighter policy on planes because its costing them $4 milion dollars to dispose of the lighters. WHAT THE FUCK! why not relax the no liquids policy so nursing mothers can carry on baby formula and bottles of breast milk?!  JESUS  H.  SHOW TUNES!

or how about this... why doesn't someone over there go through their fucking 'no fly' lists to verify those of us with the same name of 'flagged' individuals, like me, are not the ACTUAL people that should not fly?! everytime i gotta get on a plane my friends, i have to go through extra secuity, open my bags, get wanded (and NOT in my favorite way) and asked a shit load of stupid questions. yes, there is a michael figueroa out there that is on the 'no fly' list. i'd like to know what he fuckin did to get on the list... i've been trying to get off the fuckin list for three years now!

i'm callin on everyone who reads this to take a minute, call or email your representative(s) and/or the retards over at the tsa everyday until someone with half a brain wakes up and shows us how much they deserve to get paid with our tax dollars!

ok... i'm off to get wanded... IN MY FAVORITE WAY!